Scorpio 26° (November 19)


Capricorn is really all about atonement. I use I don’t waste I save! In every sense of the word. At winter solstice a goat, the scape goat, was loaded with baggage representing sin and sent forth from the village. Capricorn people know about being Scapegoated…

Arrestation. What do you do with the power you amass. Containment. Incarceration. Penance. Resource. Convention. Faith awaitng Fate. Saturn, the dpeosed king whom Jupiter usurped. The golden age, the past paradise lost. Tradition that which must be preserved, like strawberries, put up, stored, vs. what to put out to pasture if not imprison or otherwise contain. The energy of renunciation. Jesus is ultimately arrested. Preservation. Renunciation. Resource. Refinement. Retirement. retreat. Reprieve. Retribution. On a pilgrimage, taking up ones begging bowl, if not the. Heirophant coming up against Church. If things are Church they are established. They are law. Sanctuary and Imprisonment.

Saturn deposed king whom Jupiter put down. He ruled the golden-age, a utopia, pointing to traditions that must be preserved. Cap people know what it’s like tobear the mountainous weight of the world upon them but the upshot is the reprieve that provides. Capricorn is all about Faith and Forgiveness. On the flipside they…hold grudges?


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