Libra 10° (October 2)

Day Fifty E.D.A.N.O.W.W. I know it sounds like all I do is talk about food but really it is all I have besides packing and otherwise trying to get answers, none of which are ever forthcoming. I am at this point unaware of impending disaster. I took myself out to Terra Luna and it was where the bad luck began. I ordered some mussels and a bowl of fresh mushroom pasta. The mussels were excellent and the mushrooms in the pasta were incredible but the penne itself was like mush. I was like oh no. If I were eating somewhere I didn’t know the owner I would have not hesitated to send the pasta back. But there I was. I even texted R.S. to say I don’t know if I should or shouldn’t but it really was such a shame to be eating these delicious firm mushrooms with mush. The server saw me deliberating and I explained it wasn’t great and she took it back. I immediately texted the chef owner to say please don’t hate me and he wrote back “it is mush.” The second try came back and truth be told it wasn’t much better but I lied and texted that it was great, perfect. I was meant to meet Cyrus for dessert at Mac’s and we had a great chat and he wanted to go grab a something after so I went but as I was driving I was super chill and played a round of pool and then this kid got in my face and super aggressed me. He had glazed over eyes and was obviously very drunk. He said “you sent your pasta back”—apparently he was the cook on the line. But wait. I am being aggressed by a cook at a friends restaurant for sending back my pasta? He is really kind of super aggressing me? I had to find a way to diffuse so I first tried to show how much trepidation I had and how I praised the pasta in the end (which was still lousy truth be told). That didn’t work so then I just basically treated them (there were two of them—Dec. would have pointed me out to Kev.) and I just treated them like the ridiculous they were. And they seemed the fools and people were laughing at my making them seem so; I said something like are you two idiots still standing there why don’t you just bugger off and they did. Actually I was really afraid because I felt that this Kev. Person must have been in a blackout or at least so very drunk that he was risking his own job to aggress me knowing full well I would rat him out which the next day I did.

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