Libra 9° (October 1)

Day Forty-Nine E.D.A.N.O.W.W. Having done a big shop this week, I finally need to cook some of the food before it goes bad. I am determined not to go broke eating out, although it is getting lonelier and lonelier as time goes on. Shouldn’t it be getting better and better? I thought so but it’s possible I’m wrong. I will cook chicken and sautéed bok choy and make brown rice and then take just a few bites and it’s just too sad to eat it all. I have been back and forth about the furniture which is a huge waste of time in the end. Back and forth too with Michele about venues for next year. She will later approach me about working for Tennessee Williams Fest but like most things in this dysfunctional town that will fizzle. I am thinking of the New Bedford option, or some cottage in that weird part of the South Shore; but New Bedford can make a lot of sense. There is a bus to Boston and also one to Providence; of course driving is super easy to but when going on long trips, etc. I wold even buy an apartment downtown New Bedford so long as there was parking, etc. It is in many ways a perfect perch and departure point to New York, Provincetown (winter rental) and close enough to visit on-season here or there just for the fun of it. Man would I love to move all my stuff out of storage and into a place where, if worse comes to worse, is some place I could hole up and tolerate living. I would the anonymous, small city vibe. Especially if a luxury apartment, it could be fun to meet the more arts and foundation folk that might be in that area. I can certainly get to the Vineyard easily enough.  It just might be time to reinvent myself in this kind of direction; not so completely off the grid. In fact quite close to it. Perhaps I can put on a series there; what if I were to work for one of these theaters or non-profits. I can try to do so here on the Cape as well. That isn’t out of the question. But the Truro option this summer is still very much quite a good one. I’m one hundred percent behind to notion to be honest. I don’t really have to go anywhere today if I don’t want to. I have tomorrow and the next day too. That is to say, if I find myself getting into a groove. On the other hand, I could just do a quick wine shop and eat in and cook what needs to be cooked. That’s a fun option too, no? A late lunch perhaps and a stroll around might just be the exact ticket necessary. Not that I’d be scared off by a little crime but apparently New Bedford is really bad and it probably isn’t the best idea. That said one could stick to a very small gentrified area. I sound horrible saying that but it is reality. There isn’t much one can do to alter it. Perhaps a little fish and chips but hold the chips would they put a little; otherwise I could just ask for a whole lot of coleslaw. I would like to get out and get some air if possible so let us do this. Gosh I could almost even use another cup of coffee but let us skip that.  Anyway I’m just speaking gibberish because it’s easier that actually taxking my brain during this time. I couldn’t write during this last month of horror. But everyday was pretty much the same. It is hard looking back. And do feel so sorry for all I had to go through.

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