Libra 11° (October 3)

Day Fifty-One E.D.A.N.O.W.W. So I texted Tony this morning to let him know what went down last night and he was really contrite and said how his sous chef can’t stand this character and has been wanting to rid himself of him all season. I did as much work as I could around the house and tried to get a whole bunch of lawyer stuff done. I am dealing with a lot. I also had nice chat with landlord and we figured out what we are going to do in terms of money and dates and bringing things over to the place and all of that. Would have no idea what was lurking around the corner of that experience. My estranged never returns a single correspondence. My rep and I are doing the best we can to soldier on but it isn’t easy. And the hostile opposition is on vacation. I have said over and over that I don’t think she understands, as the right hand, what the left hand is doing. And I’ve learned that they read this not that I care at this point because I am allowed to express myself. Nobody is reading this except for people looking for trouble. And they may very well find it. There is nothing wrong with anything I’m doing. I am trying my best to make it all work out. Anyway I decide to go to the restaurant as Tony says that the culprit is “sober and apologetic”. I get there and Tony offers to buy me dinner. On principle I refuse because it isn’t his place to smooth things over. If this kid is apologetic, then let him apologize. He doesn’t seem apologetic, indeed he still seems rather hostile. I request we play our scene outside which he reluctantly does and he is anything but contrite. He seems to think that he did nothing wrong. If I were a stranger that he met up late night and his buddy pointed me out as the guy that sent back pasta and he aggressed him, the target would and should have called the police. To know I am a friend of the owner is not only a slap in my face but the owner’s as well. This generation of entitled little fucks has no sense of accountability. I speak to the sous chef and indeed he agrees that unless Kev was shit faced or in a blackout none of this would have happened. Whatever.  I try one last attempt as I go to say goodbye to Tony in the kitchen but it seems he’s already gone. And the menaces are drinking hard liquor in the walk-in. I suddenly feel in danger again and I realize with the owner there I need to write him pronto because this is becoming an unsafe situation. I finally pay my bill and hightail out of there. 

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