Taurus 27° (May 17)

So today is going to be a certain kind of nuts. My list is a mile long. I am going to completely scrub the house down from top to bottom—mop floors and windowsills and baseboards. I will of course wash all the bedding. I decided to Google how to remove candle wax from a table, our dining room one needing a lot of help. I have sinks that I need to Green Gobbler. I wiped down pretty much every surface of the house. I also went to the dump and got my car inspected a ordered a new switch for my window. I made an arugula, sorry rocket, pesto and put in the freeze. I pre-washed some butter leaves for tomorrow’s lunch. I added more fresh herbs to the chowder that’s been brewing on the stove and in the fridge. I cleaned the oven. I went to the bank and saw that this new cannabis store opened in Wellfleet and I took a tour and bought myself a tiny one-hitter, having (if you read this) not been able to find this cool blue crystal pipe I love to use on occasion; but it had been ages since I took a hit of anything that surely this has to be synchronicity. Maybe I’m stoned writing this right now blah ha ha. Despite all the uphill battles right now, most of which are combined into the most emaculate shitshow (yeah, I’m stoned—tomorrow I’ll regret the phrase). I have a perfect shot and I can take it. Doesn’t make sense that at the same time I have huge challenges. But what if neither thing were actually true but all just illusion needing to dissolve. To get to the Pisces place which paradoxically Pisces people might be the most challenged to enter…well not enter since they are most naturally and essentially “there” but, to be fair, it can be overwhelming, to be born into a sign where it’s so all or nothing, nirvana or nullification. Hey this is good stuff (I’m referring to the writing not the cannabis).

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