Taurus 28° (May 18)

Did I mention I made grilled romaine salad with parmesan and this lovely lemony capery garlicky shalloty mustardy kind of sauce with parsley and toasted pinenuts. Yumbo. S. is delayed coming back due to an earring piercing mishap. I’m pretty exhausted but just going to keep plugging along here. Was a semi tetchy evening but I did manage to get the following bits accomplished: Baby Moses is the incarnation of Hope floating on the cardinal-water rush of a river. All his birth mother can do is hope for his recovery and rescue and deliverance by an adoptive one, which one day will allow the sage, higher-powered Moses to deliver his entire native people. The fourth astrological house, mind you, is that of both the home you come from and the one you create for yourself, passage, transition thus being baked into the energy of this sign. From the moment the young Cancer boy gets his emotional bearings, he is already on a journey of recovering from whatever he feels is ailing or lacking in his home and experience of origin.  You might say that the Cancer is born into recovery and remains in it all his life. We even see this mirrored in the biblical Flood myth as Noah was a drunk; his building of an ark can be read as metaphor for making himself a solid promise, a covenant, and his own re-pair being symbolized by all those animals, two by two. Noah may have invented the first recovery program out of personal necessity. If the Fall is about experiencing life as a sudden split—Geminis are the most, and mostly benignly, split-personalities—then the Flood is about moving toward the repair of said split. The Cancer symbol, of course interpreted as a crab, can also be viewed as two peas or seeds in a single pod, in either case floating along, not determining the direction, rather going with the proverbial flow. All of this, too, being a metaphor, to use a recovery phrase, for living life on life’s terms. In our book Sextrology, as we said, the Cancer man chapter is called The Player, and the Cancer woman chapter, The Pearl. These titles respectively speak to the strategic navigating of life as something of a game or contest, and the refining, perfecting effect that even the most tumultuous life, with its turbulent ebbs and flows, can have on a being, again by way of acceptance, living on life’s terms. Of all the men in the zodiac, Cancer man learns soonest that he should play his cards right, that life is sink or swim, and that it’s never too early to become the you you wish to be, forever hoping for a better life for himself than the one he was born into, or even that which he lived yesterday. The most evolved Cancer man will be rehabilitation incarnate all his days, repairing any faulty infrastructure in his upbringing, yes, but also that of his family history pre-birth. That is to say if there is an ancestral headline that he believes requires rewriting, if not a complete etching out, in his family tree, he will make so. And so, we see another facet of this player’s pretense which can be quite dramatically delusional. The Flood myth can also be one of pure escape and singular self-preservation to the exclusion of a care for others.

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