Pisces 20° (March 10)


Paris, Day Forty Seven of Sixty. And Day Nineteen of Bikram. So picking up from where we were yesterday, we strolled back from the Boul. de Beaumarchais and worked until we met with an L.A. client by Skype. This client is someone who has been struggling so she has been our tithing client this year, which always feels nice to do. Then we had a talk with an editor from Hachette which we felt went really well—fingers crossed. We then set out to this restaurant which didn’t look that great. We hovered outside debating before finally going in. They asked us if we wanted an English menu. The place was empty ‘cept for two American couples, one of which didn’t know how to order wine. We were sure we weren’t going to stay but asked if there was a bio wine in any case. This threw the waitress for a loop. I don’t know, she said, I don’t drink. Great. We got out of there. She was really weird. We ended up at a waaaay overpriced but delicious Lebanese place. It was the Virgo “Worm” Supermoon and I forgot to look up. The prosepect of writing a book, while fantastic (if paid well) is also really daunting given our present projects. But it isn’t impossible. I just need to speed some things up and slow others down. That is also okay. I’m not sure we should be launching anything risky until the world stabilizes a bit in any case. We were laughing really hard. There was a skinny couple in the corner exhibiting their love for each other. It was fairly revolting. I have to calm myself down even further. Don’t even remember my head hitting the pillow last night. It was “annoying French person day” yesterday. Also a result of the Supermoon, je quois. People at class and on the streets wouldn’t fucking move out of the way. It was like, hello, other people. I feel really alienated from folks back home, something else I will need to work on. There is so much on the plate right now it’s crazy. I want this TV thing to happen quicker than it is. Calm, patience. It’s not easy.

I must remember to look at the moon tonight if they skies are clear. We are definitely going to stay in. Woke up today with a frog in my throat. And with an increasing need to get back out to the stores and get in some supplies. Maison Plisson has those ready to eat weird jars of very French, mostly Southern, food like Cassolet. I asked S. how Dr. Kimberly got back to Milan. She didn’t. She and her boyfriend went to the Canary Islands instead for two weeks. Italy is on total lockdown. I do feel like we are living in some sort of movie version of life. We are going to Monop’ before yoga class to get in some supplies. I have a haircut appointment today. That will feel good. We will do a big shop on Rambuteau. I still feel terrible about losing the Burberry plaid shopping bag. I need also to look at the schedule and decide on doing more with Tim. There was an email this morning from Hachette saying we are the real deal and wishing we could write the book faster. Give me a book deal first before you start asking these kinds of questions please. We could be leaving Europe with a book and TV deal. That is if they let us leave Europe. If we can’t “get out” for some reason I will just go to the south of France until it blows over. We could then take the train from Marseille to London just in time for a flight. Anyway we are here for another two weeks so I’m going to try and enjoy it and make a menu of things we might need. We might think about freezing some meat or fish if there are any more threats of things closing. I think that would be quite wise.

Michael taught yoga today and it was the hottest class yet. For the first time, I found myself hiding in postures. For some reason Susan Goldberg telling me how R.L. used to purposefully have unsafe sex with young guys with the aim of infecting them came up in my savasana. What a horrible thought and what a horrible being. Every artist I’ve brought to Provincetown, it seems, has been appropriated by either his low-life band of miscreants or by the likes of J.D. (West), including those I once labelled best friends. It is also those so-called best friends “fault” if that’s the word you wish to use. It matters so little now. First I do think karma is a bitch and those who have cancel-cultured me will feel the burn at some point; and anyway they have freed me from having to even be remotely emotionally responsible to them. Anyway this has all become so increasingly irrelevant it isn’t even real. After yogues, we came back and ate some delicious soup. Usually the cleaner comes today but she’s sick (uh-oh) and Alex from the agency had said he was going to drop by while she was here for “two minutes” to do something for a client (which was vague). We were here when he arrived with two other people!!! He was showing the apartment. It was very odd and were weren’t super happy about that, but we didn’t show it. Still, it won’t happen again. I then went for a hair cut which was also super odd. When I say that I was in and out in fifteen minutes including getting my hair shampooed and blow-dried I kid you not. S. didn’t even have time to go and get a coffee. We then went to BHV in search of aprons we never found, but we did get jelly insoles for our shoes. We headed to Terre and had a coffee and then to the produce guys for fruits and veggies, the butchers for a roast chicken, Bacchus for wine and to Mme. Fromage for everything else. There wasn’t much time between unpacking all that and our call with yet another interested publisher. We have now had two conversations. The Hay people buggered off which is fine. I hope someone out there can afford us. The Cricket thing got sorted. We are still waiting on the TV stuff. All in all it is a creepy day. We are increasingly, day by day, being spooked by the virus thing. I don’t know what to do or think about it any more to be honest.


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