Pisces 22° (March 12)


Paris, Day Forty Nine of Sixty. And Day Twenty-One of Bikram. Woke up on the sofa thirsty as hell and guzzled some water and fell back in an actual bed. Woke up around eight o’clock, Stella already made coffee, and the first thing she tells me is about the menace’s speech and his new travel ban. What the actual. Having him as president is like growing up with my sister. They share the same birthday. As does Boy George and the accountant we just fired a couple of days ago. Anyway, this will be the topic of conversation all day to the exclusion of pretty much anything else: Should we try to leave early. Should we try to stay in Paris longer. Should we go to London as planned. All of it. I hate this president more than any other person, living or dead, I have ever known. It is not spiritual to wish ill on anyone so I will stop short of that but I have to say that I do not see a very rosy future for this subhuman menace who found his way into the ultimate spotlight. Imagine being that famous, having that much attention, and only ever, increasingly, day after day, being famous for being more and more hated. He is a drug addict. He is the most dangerous of sorts because he hates himself so much and is so bankrupt and desperate a person that he will think nothing of taking all of the rest of us with him. I search my feelings on all of this and I just think I don’t care. I am not afraid to stay in Paris. I’m not even afraid of getting the virus. I just want to stay strong and healthy and keep my face (and throat and chest) in the sunlight. This is probably the weirdest day yet of the trip because you get the sense that everyone on the planet, practically, is thinking about the same thing as you. I do think it is the beginning of the end but not for us; for this president and for all the criminals with whom he keeps company, starting with his sick family. We are not going to stand for this sort of handling of a dire situation. Anyway it is one of the most surreal days of my over half a century.

Went to yoga as planned. Kirsten taught the class. She is really old-school and smooth and never leaves the podium and I truly love her class (maybe more than anybody elses?) it’s possible. We came home after and had a mache salad and some chicken lefties. I am in social media battles with the Bernie or Bust people. And the poison is being leached. This one guy from Provincetown whom I run from if I see him coming lest I get hijacked for hours listening to his monotonous monologues that always hinge on poverty consciousness—you know how some really boring people have this knack for not letting you get a word in edgewise and manage to keep you captive for upwards of an hour? Well that would be this guy, who spokes way too much pot and doesn’t know his own uninterestingness. Well this douchebag went for me on social media today accusing me of being obliterating toward Bernie bros when all I said was that, unlike every other Democratic contingent, the Bernie-or-Bust crowd never gets over their bratty loses to the point of refusing to vote for other candidates when you don’t see this from any other Democratic group whose candidate loses or pulls out. I had this one guy, Martin Belk, who fancies himself a playwright, already go for me, gushing obscenities onto my page. I invited him to instead unfriend and block me which he did. These Bernie brats are effing ridiculous. Bernie isn’t even a Democrat. And he has the worst voting record in the Senate. Anyway, I’m stepping away from all that. Macron delivered a speech last night and basically Paris is closing up shop and we have to figure out what it is we are going to do. I suppose I’ll look on the Americans in Paris FB page and see what’s what. I am guessing we won’t be having that dinner party next week. Or will we? Everything is so up in the air. I think we will find out which stores are or are not closing. I might take a walk around the neighborhood. I’m glad we got out and went to museums and dinner the other day. We have to keep pounding liquid and try to get some work done. Everything will be delayed. We are so fortunate that we have a little resource right now. We have to be a source of strength for other people.

We watched a bit of news last night and none of it is really all that good. We will have to decide whether or not we go to London as planned a week from Monday, for a week, or if we should stay here for at least that long. I am going to suggest that we try to go week to week and not rebook the Eurostar until such time as we know what’s happening here. It is so easy to imagine one is ill at times like this. I have a dull headache and my digestion is a bit flukey, which are symptoms mostly of everything else besides this virus, but there you have it. I redid my schedule yet one more time but I’m not sure if I will even be able to stick to that. We are in such a state of flux it’s difficult to know exactly what to do. Anyway it looks likely we will stay put for the next two weeks and just power through and get things done. If we happen to get ill in that short amount of time we will try to stay healthy enough so that we don’t take anything too hard. I am sure that Pesky and Edie will not come to visit. I wonder if even Yvan will come to dinner. We did manage to have a fun time tonight in spite of it all and I suppose I’m grateful for the solidarity we are experiencing. I am super done with certain people places and things in my life and that’s not a lie. I must remain strong in my resolve to hit all my marks. My hope is that we will have some word back from someone about something this week. Meanwhile nobody is working in their office and everything will be pushed back. So long as we live this will work fine for us.


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