Aquarius 18° (February 8)


Paris, Day Sixteen of Sixty. There is so much going on we are very busy. S. is going out on an appointment and I will sortir with her and get some food in. We are going to have caviar and crème fraiche omelettes for lunch with a delicious mache salad. And I will make a spinach soup for dinner. I will take a walk into the first and have a little bit of fun and then come back and make lunch and we will go to the museum of the chasse and find it closed and then I will end up sleeping for three hours. What is that about? I have been sleeping so much in Paris it is ridiculous. We had a really fun night. We had that spinach soup and watched Wanda Sykes who really is a master—I learn so much watching her. I miss performing. Still no word from the friends I wrote to regarding French contacts—it’s all information. We then watched a terrible film starring Jennifer Aniston: Dumplin. Which should be renamed el stinko. Anyway I have a list a mile long of stuff that needs doing. And first on it today is putting some thoughts together for J.C.. So here goes nothing on that score.

You are TK and TK is you. The story of JTK is your story. The company and collection are the culmination of all you’ve done and all you’ve been. The collection is the manifestation of your expertiseand experience, personal and professional, as ever the ‘twain have met over the years. We will discuss what elements—web content, mailer (real or virtual), promotional material, press release, brand book, etc—you want to have written; but your biography should be an important part of the whole of the content and not necessarily a separate piece of writing. There may be specific bullet points that can remain separate, otherwise your story should drive the narrative. The company and the collection are the result of your continued success in the business which combines your purely creative side with your keen business acumen and your understanding of brands and the building thereof. T. You also have this rarified position as fashion director of PKS which is a kind of appointment (if not an anointment) of note in the international fashion and retail landscape. JL, and TK, by extension, is thus greater than the sum of the parts you play in the business.

I know you know this: that the words accompanying the imagery you sent are nowhere near where the narrative needs to be. Otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation. The words must always be as good if not better than the images, which are invaluable to illustrating the brand. Good wording can go unnoticed while bad wording never does. A great narrative that is honed to a sparkle and is more powerful, still, than pictures. This was always the work involved in writing for (Neiman Marcus) The Book, especially. The writing has to rise to the level of the subject and beyond. It has to dazzle and inspire as much as it informs. And there should never be a vague or unnecessary or frivolous word or phrase in the copy. The words should be set like precious stones into a clear, concise and creative composition; because, when it comes to fashion, art or any form of design, the words don’t just describe the subject, they reflect it. And they must portray intelligence, confidence and certain artistry, sprinkled with some levity and humility, too.

Besides experience and expertise, among other attributes, JL and TK stand for stand for knowledge, ease in elegance, expansiveness, personal expression, efficiency and freedom. As the designer and fashion business veteran, you uniquely know what women want and what sells. The collection is hinged on quality and value; and you are both creator of the collection and curator of the collective of other items and objects and accessories that are presented in the store. Everything in the collection and in the shop is integral and there are no spare parts or throwaways. Care has been put into every decision. You’ve created a world where you’ve done all the thinking for your customer. Each piece in the collection is carefully conceived and fulfills a sartorial need that women have. It is the same with work from other creatives—they are like artists in your gallery—which fit the clear and directional criteria that you set forth. And so we get to one of the most important elements to communicate in words: That of your vision. The two mottos of Sagittarius, remember are “I see” and “I understand.” And so you are the visionary who saw this entire enterprise into being; at the same time you are the seasoned expert creative who understands what women want and need and you’re simply now giving it to them, letting them in on the secrets you’ve discovered over the years. And here is another keystone of TK that we will put forth into the narrative: The company, collection and curation (store) is the expression of Jimin Lee’s philosophy of fashion and what it means and how it applies to women in their lives. You are expediting other women’s own understanding and liberating them through your philosophy as represented by your clothing and accessories (and objects and decorative items and textiles and wherever you allow your beautiful philosophy to take you!).

What strikes me most about the TK collection itself is the emerging philosophy. The pieces have a strong point of view and are clearly designed (and engineered!) to empower and to free/liberate the wearer and send them places, really and figuratively. It is a blend of sheer beauty and clear purpose that makes the collection unique. More than a blending of hard and soft elements, or a fluid, feminine aesthetic with a sense utility and function, the collection seeks to outfit women for the adventure of life that includes travel, versatility in moving between worlds of career and social experience, and providing the wearer a sense of expedition, in every sense of the word. This is a collection for women citizens of the world who want to look amazing but aren’t living in ivory towers or existing in bubbles. This is an engaging and energetic collection that prepares women for any number of inevitabilities and synchronicities, providing them comfort and beauty and security in meeting the challenges and demands and whimsies of life. The customer is readied for anything in owning numerous pieces in this collection; and they get to express their own creativity in the way they pair and otherwise put the pieces together. There is a practicality but it is never prosaic—au contraire, there is a poetry and a romance to the collection that contributes to a celebration of self through color and movement. One can be as subtle or bold as they care to be wearing TK and it thus fits a woman’s many mindsets. There is room for her to be many versions of herself and yet there is a consistency in the styling which makes the collection easily recognizable. I can hear others readily asking the wearer: is that TK, being pleased with themselves for guessing—yes!—correctly.



To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree pointof the Sabian Symbol will be one degree higher than the one listed for today. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 or 6 days per year—so they near but not exactly correlate.


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