Aquarius 17° (February 7)


Paris, Day Fifteen of Sixty.I wish I could remember. And I wish I could say why or how it is I came to be where I am. I am totally disgruntled. And I learn over these last few days that it isn’t me. I awoke to a dream of destruction. I was at some sort of party-reunion of people from Wyckoff and Franklin Lakes. Lisa Dibsie was the defacto host and she was, for the most part, as far as I could tell, happy to see me. Then she introduced me to her family, which was made up of a bunch of male thugs. I was shaking their hands and then it became increasingly hostile and they began to call me names and now they were outright harassing me. And I tried to get away and they were chasing me. We were along a river like the Hudson and I started shouting for the police and a police barge then came down the river and they started firing bombs and I was wondering who they knew who their target was. It became clear they weren’t firing at us safely and so I was dodging the bombs along with everybody else and trying to avoid the enemy of thugs. Anyway it was all incredibly apocalyptic. I woke up late as I have been doing and I sent into the living room for coffee and LLB had written S. with some tarot cards he spied on the interweb. They looked familiar and in an instant I realized he had copied in samples from the tarot deck by Nick Khan with whom I grew up and went to school. The deck is called The End of the World Tarot which, hello, was fitting considering the dream from which I had just awoken.

We did some shopping and had some fennel-tomato soup I had made and did some laundry and all that sort of thing. And then we had a new client which was a breath of fresh air, actually. I had a rendezvous with my earliest childhood friend Bonnie Sip. Indeed Bonnie is probably the first friend I ever had. We went to nursery school together and my memories of her, taking the short bus to the Jewish Community Center in Jersey City, are my earliest beside those involving my immediate family. We had a wonderful time. She was in town with her step daughter, scattering the ashes of her second husband who died two years ago. It was all so happy-sad, which apparently is a term he used all the time. I never met him. She wrote to say meeting made her heart happy and I couldn’t agree more. We had shopped earlier for salmon and avocado and salad and cheese and wine and good thing because our plans didn’t include dinner just hors d’oeuvres. Anyway we had a late meal and some lovely organic red from the cheese lady and we watched the unwatchable Grace and Frankie. Sorry Jane and Lily but I am not going to make it through this season. It’s fine when you’re on screen but the other actors are just awful, especially those playing the daughters, and I cannot stomach Martin Sheen and anyway the writing is just terrible anyway. Speaking of television we did receive word that the office in London wants to option our second book and we will see them again when we are back in town, which is now turning out to be highly necessary.

I need to write to Jackie. Bonjour Roger! Sorry it has taken me so long to put down in words how much we loved seeing you and how grateful we are for taking time out of your busy lives to meet and show us your Venice. It feels as if I dreamed it. But the mime in me says that it was real and no illusion. I tell you what: I cannot remember when I’ve had more fun and laughed so much. It is very rare to be able to consistently enjoy the company of even the closest of friends and to be on the same page with likes and dislikes of activities and such; but I could have easily spent a lot more time together exploring and otherwise tearing up the town. It was very inspiring as well and I came away feeling quite different about our business and the roles we play in our career. And thank you for urging us to take the taxi on the way back to the train station because it was in itself a highlight of the trip. Unfortunately, our train did not originate from Santa Lucia but from Mestre but it wasn’t a hassle to get there. And the train took a different route than the one going to Venice, taking us passed Lake Garda which was really nice. I managed to get a a lot of work done on the train, and not drink as much red wine, as I did on the journey to Venice. Just writing the word transports me there. I feel such a strong pull to go back, which isn’t reality I realize. I do so hope I get to go every year—the gods willing.

I am returning to Bikram yoga (where I hope I won’t drop dead and thus never see Venice again) despite your warnings of it loosening my ear crystals. I’m determined to get some of my weight off in the next couple months; and also, it can be too, too easy to just keep eating and drinking my way through the rest of our stay in Paris. We started our French classes which are really fun. And after our first class we went to our favorite Café/Wine Bar which is near Pantheon and our French agent, whom we haven’t seen in fourteen years, popped in for a solo meal. Which was very cool. Did we tell you too that we saw Yvan Attal (director husband to Charlotte Gainsbourg) at our hotel restaurant in New York City in November and, S. being a huge fan, I went up and introduced ourselves. I went on to tell him that he (and Charlotte, but I didn’t mention her) are on our fantasy-dinner-party invite list. And he said well we should have dinner then. We said we would be in Paris and he gave us his email. S. wrote him yesterday and he wrote right back so we are having dinner with him (and who knows if he’ll bring Charlotte)! It’s funny because in our original Starsky + Cox live show party of Stella’s story is that she was the au pair for Charlotte and had a fling with Serge and Jane held back Stella’s pay for “safe keeping” and was supposed to give her it all at the end—but then refused to pay her in the end. To which Stella says: “It’s okay. I found a way to compensate myself. Let’s just say that I have the original Birkin bag.” So yeah that’s happening. Weird right? We also heard back from the TV folks and they want to option our Cosmic Coupling book in the process of working together, so I am giving our agent a chance to get a copy of our contract from our publisher and first crack at brokering it. But if she declines or drags her feet I’m going to find someone else. Which reminds me: If you think (I forget her name) at Fresh would want to chat again, we are in London March 24-30. That week is already getting super packed schedule-wise so maybe sound her out sooner than later. Only if you want to. Honestly there is no pressure about this.


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