Aquarius 16° (February 6)


Paris, Day Fourteen of Sixty: So I think I slept okay, it’s hard to tell. I did wake to a dream about Gwyneth Paltrow who was coming for dinner which I was making at a friends’ place, presumably, in Paris. The friends had a family with one annoying little chunky boy in a striped shirt like Pugsly or Danny Partridge—you know, big rib cage. I had made this sautéed zucchini which I knew was Gwynnie’s favorite (she was our friend in the dream); and she came over and she was weird and narcissistic and faux self-deprecating (you know, like most actresses you meet) and it suddenly came to light that the boy had eaten all the zucchini I made and she was evidently pissed off, despite her attempts to brush it off. One got the feeling she was slumming it because she was that over the moon for my zucchini (interpret that anyway you like). The dream went on. We bonded over our choice in neighborhood to live. I do think this dream is about success and wanting that kind of goopy version of it on some level which is all fine and good. Now that we are settled back in Paris for the next six weeks, though happy for this amazing trip to Venice, which gave me so, so much on so, so many levels (surtout friendship with the wonderful LLBs), I’m really ready to for a major re-start and looking forward to getting much of the busy work (2021 books in February, all of the festival stuff in March) completely out of the way. April will be focused on Spring cleaning and the selling of household objects, with all the proceeds going to the festival. People can park across at Dunkin Donuts and carefully cross the highway. Starsky + Cox operation will be at this address. We might get a Wellfleet box for the jewels. I am getting all my personal belongings down to a nub. We will see if Tim wants to buy all our books. We will put objects out for free. This is what April will be all about. We will get a ride back to the Cape from the driver. I will get the car inspected and then fixed. I am off on a tangent about things on my mind but that is not a bad thing. It is because I am ready now to shift the energy. We will take a drive to the Hovey in May and visit the people in Portland and so forth. We will stay in Wellfleet as long as we can because we shall continue to make Paris the city. Soon I will not be writing these things but reworking the Sabian symbols each day into my “blue project” which will be gratifying indeed.

Okay so after this trip I am getting a very slow start and yet I am managing to sit here and write this Blague without really being behind. I got a big chunk of work done on the ten-hour train ride that’s for sure. And I will be able to finish up all the prep work on the weekend, no doubt. There is no need for breakfast after last evening’s burger, and we will have some arugula with palm hearts and parmesan for lunch with Badoit. I get a jump start on the Kareem show at Oberon which is happening in a fortnight—and I feel a bit more depressed than I had felt about my series there ending, but I will do what I do and turn it all around. I am nothing if not resilient and I am experiencing so many synchronicities as it is, t’would be impossible to deny them their ability to provide faith in the unfolding. I am allowing for repair foremost; meanwhile I am taking no prisoners in the process. I am mindful of the rush of experience that we have endured and embodied these past several weeks; and am thus so grateful for this time to land in a place that I know it is destined I am to truly call home. I don’t know how it will happen, but I know it will happen; and that there are signs everywhere. So right. After lunch we sat down to try to make sense of our lesson plan for classes at the Alliance Française. Seemed difficult but straightforward enough and we set off for the fifty minute walk to school. En route we passed the bookstalls on the quai and one of them in particular had some wonderful astrology books so we will be checking them out next Tuesday, leaving some time to make some purchases. We got to Raspail with some time to spare and found our classroom where a smiley young blond teacher was waiting with just a few students already seated. One of the students is this terribly annoying woman who will sit herself down right next to S. and keep poking her and asking her questions to which S. has no answers. I can see her skin crawling.

At first it was tough. We missed the first class. We are sharing a book, which is fine, but I can’t actually see very well with my lame readers so I need to get some stronger glasses. S. whispered she thought the class would be too easy for her as the other students weren’t really speaking all that well. To our right, here is a girl from Italy, one from Pakistan, a Russian girl and a guy who is either Irlandais (Irish) or Hollandais (Dutch) but I couldn’t tell which he said. The lady to Stella’s left was asked where she was from but she didn’t answer the question. In fact whenever the teacher asks a question she is the first to chime in but with something that in no way resembles an answer to the question being asked, which is making the teacher make that sort of dubious lip pucker and emittance of air that French people do when they are like “no” but they are trying to be nice and find a way to understand the mental connection you are making. She is failing miserably. Then there is a guy from Egypt and a girl from Spain. That is our class. We are very old. But I’m doing better than I thought, despite the fact I am concerened with S.’s annoyance at the lady and her misplacement in the class as a whole. Things are starting to gel though. And the last exercise of the day is breaking up into groups to create travel-agency brochures for various places. We are assigned/choose Hawaiia. Ours is less a brochure than it is a television ad, but it doesn’t start of well. La Capricorne, who is way more proficient than I am, is being super type A and my simple suggestions aren’t landing. Also, she is stuck on the fact that the teacher said that we can use our phones to get an idea of the types of things French travel brouchures actually contain. S. thinks we are meant to overthink this and do something more difficult and specific than simply make this fun, easy and engaging. I finally will out and we write some snappy copy and I draw a poster of a lady in a beret and grass skirt doing the hula. We name our brochure (or rather our ad campaign) “Dites Aloha!” and invite imaginary French people to Venez and Voyez and Visitez and Surfez and Plongez and it is very funny and we name our agency 11 Bis Paris. We get applause.

Take a very small advance for Sextrologiejust to get it out there. Have someone clean up the translation and update the celebrity sidebars and find someone to publish it who will do right by the project and not hold their nose while they speak to us. That was what I couldn’t abide last time out. That and the fact that nobody listened to me when I said there were glaring issues about the translation. For instance the English title of the Virgo chapter is The Vessel, which was translated to Verseau which is the French word for Aquarius so the Virgo chapter title ended up being The Aquarius. That type of thing. Some nuance was lost for sure. All of this will be put into a strategy plan in the coming days in any case.


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree pointof the Sabian Symbol will be one degree higher than the one listed for today. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 or 6 days per year—so they near but not exactly correlate.


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