Virgo 20° (September 11)

Day Thirty E.D.A.N.O.W.W. Clams, Gnocchi w/ Lobster. Watching Bells Are Ringing which is all about a writer learning how to succeed without his partner. I would have idea what else happened on this or any of the surrounding days. I was bullied into stopping writing about my wife or any of it. Funny I just called her my wife instead of by one of her names. That’s okay. That just pass scans. So weird to know that your wife had been spying on you; not that she didn’t have reason to be. I’m not saying that. I think next year I will do nothing but poetry for each page of the Blague. As a matter of fact I return to my roots and write The Blue Book of Days. I shouldn’t complicate things. The fact is I can work here or there for X amount of time. Now would actually be a really good time to do this. Take whatever I can get. Anyway I’ve stumbled upon a poem I really seem to remember writing back in the very early nineties when I went one morning as I did many times to this café on Hudson Street where this boy called Marcus worked. He was blond with a prince valiant look to him and a “renard” pointy beard that made it look like he was on the set of Ivanhoe or some such. Anyway here is page one of the long poem that resonates most with my soul so far.

This solitude,

this freedom,


no one can share

This morning,

private ecstasy

the pain of longing

for that in reach.

The self-promise for perfection,

the time passing

the bliss‑

art of human form,

no thing this beautiful—

kindness and gentility

in eyes that ask that question.

You want in this:


To feel my beauty not

this twisted mouth 

These lazy eyes

these paths of nerves

that bring me to you.

Can I retrace

My steps to youth

Or some facsimile

Of time less well being?


this coffee


this numbness in my arms

and face this force

Freedom yet

to negotiate

the Fall:

“has been”

ecstasy damage.

Brought me here,

this pain,



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