Virgo 19° (September 10)

Day Twenty Nine E.D.A.N.O.W.W. Clams, Gnocchi w/ Lobster. I have nothing but gibberish to offer on this day and so I do my best to use the collage of words I find at my finger tips. This is all about Virgo apparently: Virgo is all about the service, whether it be the ritual of a mass or sacred sexual rites, they are programmed to receive.

Question: What is a sign’s Cadence?

Hephaestus god of fire, bringing the Sun down to earth, Prometheus is his progenitor.

I’ve got to be in today. I’ll start by making some copies of important guidelines I created to hang on the wall to keep me on track. I also need to read some old book proposal stuff which I think is going to turn out to be very helpful. What I realize as I sit to write is that (I’m reminded) the writing process itself triggers other stuff. I can’t be friends with Kenny cuz he was mean to you but you can be friends with a whole host of unsavory characters. Take back the negative energy of your acts and deal with it yourself. I am forever removed from this thought form. Anyway eff all.

We talk about various planetary stuff but we highlight Chiron in this chapter. He is the only son born to Cronus (Roman: Saturn) out of wedlock with Rhea who bore him the six main, first-generation Olympian gods, Zeus chief among them. So Chiron is a kind of weird uncle, the black sheep, dark horse. He is a version of a centaur, although he has human (front) legs, a monster whose mother left him to die she was so abhorred, the elephant in the room, the Elephant Man, in effect. We will not wade into how the eastern elephant god Ganesh, whose festival falls at the start of Virgo, is a godly archetype associated with the sign.

Chiron has a funny path that crosses Saturn’s orbit, then elipses closer to Uranus. So it is proferred that Chiron combines Saturn’s strict overlord denergy with that of Uranus’s break-free spirit. And if we know anything we know that Virgo woman is all about finding middle ground. Mutable earth means Middle earth in this context. Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, meanwhile inhabit this archetypal landscape as they are the Everyman. Mutable earth is Middle Ground Surrender is Acceptance. Living Life on Life’s Terms

Demeter herself is the middle ground between her two sisters. Hera, queen of the gods, is the glamour puss; Hestia, goddess of the hearth, is the scabby queen of the pantheon, and her energy hovers over both signs of Leo and Virgo. In Virginia Woolf’s The Waves, she is Susan. (Go! Read a book!) Demeter means earth mother De signifying Earth and Meter meaning Mater. I’ll never use any of this. I didn’t like Naples all that much. But imagine becoming a hippy and living like a pauper off of the tiny money I do make. Ha ha ha. I’d be a flush homeless person. I don’t know why this strikes me as humurous.The thing is is: To make every word of every chapter make it clear that they are the best. Should we write this in the second-person?? It is a very good question. I am doing the best I can. I lowered my standards today a bit I think. Probably too much if you ask me. Well who asked ya. This is Friday night. We will have some lovely Bandol. I say I’m in but I’m not. And this weekend will be a wash because I will stay up all night(s) long watching Scott & Bailey.

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