Scorpio 14° (November 7)


I have to do a whole bunch of scanning today and get a final report to what’s called the VSB. In any case it will good to have e-copies of all our press in one place. Today is also the first day of writing the first, say, quarter of the show—I don’t think that really happened. The show writing may get complicated again so I just want to reinforce the fact that you’re barely going to read/memorize the words anyway. You’re creating a collage and then a path through it…..As I revisit this thought it does make more and more sense. As I get the show on its feet I’ll be distilling and distilling even more. Casually comedic is what I’m going for here; not hit you over the head funny. There’s no point. Just want to be real and expert and let the rest happen. I know I can pull it all off. I know I can. I know I can come up with a signature range of pieces that we can sell perhaps this trip to NYC will be heavy on design; I know we’ll see the jewelry show at the MFA and that should prove inspiring. I know I have to start the process of reducing and reaching out, as the twin ere shall meet.


I need to double duty once again here and get some grant thoughts down on virtual paper.


We primarily calculate attendance in ticket sales. Our many generous sponsors do receive free passes. We increased discounts to showgoers—we doubled our “Sparkler” ticket discount this year—and enjoyed a marked increase in Missionary Sponsors, local businesses whose owners and staff also receive free festival passes. This further augmented audiences beyond what ticket-sales intake might show. All told our shows and events brought hundreds of additional audience members to Afterglow’s attention. Afterglow promotes Provincetown as a destination for travelers during festival week and all year long. 85% of Afterglow’s audience comes from Off-Cape. Attendees stay in inns and hotels, frequent restaurants, bars, lounges, nightclubs; and partake of the many shops, arts venues and services. Businesses cite an economic boon during festival—audiences and artists not only eat, drink and shop, but take tours, rent bikes, ride ferries and sample all the town offers. Afterglow advertises town businesses via its website, programs and social media. Festival artists also promote businesses they frequent via Instagram et al. Afterglow’s audience are well-heeled travelers and influencers who spend generously, tip freely, support local commerce and enrich the Provincetown’s economy. The festival has partnered with other non-profits, donating proceeds of its shows to such organizations as The Trevor Project, Camp Lightbulb, the AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod and Helping Our Women (HOW).



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