Aquarius 14° (February 3)

Oysters and all-you-can-eat cod.

July 22

Alizarin crimson is the coolest red. You’re a creature of contrasts, oft conservative by day, a wee radical by night. In total touch with your sensuality, you slither, sashay or shimmy through life, according to your Moon ruled-mood. You know the power of No.


July 23

Like equal parts Moonbeams and Sunrays, you ooze a liquid bronze. Prized for your cool head, you will let it slip your passions run hot. Poker faced, or playing dumb, you disarm others to attain objectives, having them thank you for the privilege of speeding your trip.

July 24

You burn a flaming red, aware of how blue you can be inside. Living with abandon sees you achieve more than most, while you conserve energy for the long-haul. You carry torches in love, unaware of those yearning for you. Cultivating stillness is key to success.

July 25

A golden light surrounds you, diffuse, like Sun through a canopy of leaves. You enjoy salad days all life long, working hard to afford yourself the luxury of time and leisure. A dappled determination bids you stop to smell the roses as you get the proverbial job done.

July 26

Radiating burnt orange, you possess boundless energy but you’re a seasoned player. Born with wisdom beyond your years— if you believe in past lives—you are here to get it right this time around. Though loving and loyal, you won’t be restrained by relationships.

July 27

You let a rose-gold spirit move you, a romantic of the first order. Of all Leos, you’re bound to mate with a childhood sweetheart or endow your relationships with such guileless simplicity. Authenticity is your watchword. You can’t do what isn’t true to you.

July 28

You exude an aura as red as a valentine. The proverbial queen of hearts, regardless of gender, you demand fidelity from friends, family as well as lovers; or else they’re on the chopping block. You are a lion, fiercely protective, on the hunt for ultimate satisfaction.

July 29

You’re brassy in the best of senses. Forward and cheeky, you assert yourself with humor. Casual, easy environments suit you best—you abhor anything stuffy or formal. Shame isn’t in your vocabulary. You’re an unblushing realist who judges others by their actions.

July 30

The color ecru speaks to you being the earthiest of Leos. A nature lover and natural athlete, vigorous outdoor activity is your best beauty routine. A bit daredevil, you abhor sticks in the mud. Socially responsible, you feel it a duty to do for those less fortunate.

July 31 

The color marigold denotes gods’ gifts. But never mind how you feel about yourself…we were talking about you! In remaining open and loving to others, you’re divinely endowed. If you start to believe your own hype, some hope will be lost. The choice, see, is yours.

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