Virgo 3° (August 26)


Feeling the power of the Full Pisces Moon today. It is two weeks and two days to festival and in between times Labor Day will come and go. I will be alone and am determined to make some magic here, not pushing but letting the pieces fall into place. This goes for all aspects of my life. The hallmark of my own majority has got to be the balancing of extremes. I should be able to swim through a social sea without drowning, for starters. The fact is that I have anxiety on that score which is characterized as an inability to sink into situations. Which is why, in the past, I have needed to extra chill, typically in mixed company. Though I have learned that lesson, now, without having to go to extremes on that score either, the feeling of total ease in company still eludes me, but perhaps it does most people. And then there is the other thing about feeling appreciated, mostly, for talents and the like. It’s a Libra thing for starters. The trick is letting other people see the real me.

Yesterday Patrick and Will came over. We had a lovely dinner at Baie earlier in the week. And I’ve worked it out to have our party there. And to get some catering going for the next night. And for wine for both parties which is awesome. I think when it comes to this coming Friday I will do a hotel tonight type thing and see what I can come up with. I will start on hotels and realtors this coming Thursday. Been watching Sharp Objects and it’s giving me some weird dreams. I’ve been resisting the so-called bullet coffee on this diet I’m on but I think I’ll take the plunge when I’m alone from Thursday. But back to Friday, I can just hop a bus pretty much any time from Wellfleet to Provincetown and just be free to roam around at will. I could stay some place S. would never stay with me—that is to say I’m not fussy on what kind of accomodations I might get. I draw the line at Crew’s Quarters lol. I can’t imagine wanting to stay in a place where people are having sex all around you. Just sounds like a landscape of hell. Also the last bus from Stop n Shop goes at 11:30 PM so I could conceivably make that if I were to simply schmooze; but if I’m to make a night of it I really should have a place. I don’t think I should just wander around until six a.m.. The very idea makes me feel strung out.

Well we spent a year working on a business plan and I have a feeling it will really pay off. I was saying yesterday how any kind of bump up in abundance wouldn’t feel like winning the lottery—lottery winners always blow through that money and go back to where they started, it seems—rather I would feel it compensation for all the work I’ve done thus far. And it would give me a sense of comfort and relaxation. There will be a lot of dividing and conquering involved too which I think will be healthy. I can’t conceive of any couple working together so closely as we do and having it be blissful, pretty much, ninety percent of the time. The thing is, maybe it’s a Libra thing, but I can face hard tasks when I’m doing it as a two-person team. I do think Libra men are born to work in a two-person team. I do think it can be that literal. I know it will be just as difficult to pull off something entrepreneurial but I am rather in the mood for making some deals and I know that the ground-levelness of our business should be stationery work.


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