Capricorn 2° (December 24)


The journey begins. I feel that I am bringing way more than I need but at the same time there is room to jettison things as we go. I really feel that if we work the French books over the course of the next few months they can simply go in the trash afterward. I also need to focus on my reworking of Sextrology in various ways. First of all I am pushing forward on my book idea and will find someone who will put into print—why not. I was so excited by the prospect and I can’t let a little set back get me down. The top five are Penguin/Random, Harper, S&S, Hachette and MacMillian. After that come Scholastic. Disney next. Houghton Mifflin is number eight and Workman is nine. Then tenth is Sterling, whichi s Barnes and Nobles imprint. Eleven through Twenty is a mix of (independents) Norton, Kensington, Chronicle, Sourcebook. Anyway we will get to the bottom of how we might make a difference here. I think that if I write this story and then try to get it published it would make quite a saga. I want to take the reins of this and make a true difference in the world of what’s what. I think it would make very interesting reading in the end I really do. Mightier Than. Mightier Then. Rising From The Mire of Traditional Publishing. So I don’t want to get sued by any of you people so I am sending you paragraphs and passages from some stories I’m working on, on the theme of my life in publishing, working for glossy magazines and newspapers, ad agencies and advertorials, and as an online (and broadcast) contributors and content creators; and of course as authors, under pseudonyms. As an idea it will have to keep I realize.

The car is arriving at eleven thirty and I suppose I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. We are bringing food that is in the fridge, some berries and youghurt and spinach and turkey bacon and I will forget the hard boiled eggs that are in a bowl in the fridge. And that’s not all. The drive in the SUV, from this driver we’ve used before, was great; but the car was really hot. S had four or five bags, as did I, including the bag of food. We asked for the heat to be turned down which is slightly was. We got to my inlaws. We brought all the bags in and I noticed something was leaking. What had happened. The boot was so heated, and the food bag was obviously placed over a heating vent, because the turkey bacon was all but cooked in its plastic wrap; the baby spinach salad was likewise now cooked in its plastic box, the yogught had been turned into a sort of cooked version, like a yoghurt cake, but the weirdest thing of all was that an unopened bottle of wine had apparently come to some kind of boil and had pushed out its cork about half way, completely popping out of it’s metal casing. So everything but the wine was thrown away. I’m thinking I should make a mulled wine out of it; although I will find that idea will be shut down. On the way to town I passed the time cutting and pasting holiday wishes to people in my contacts. One friend wrote back she was thinking of that day; she lives in the next town over from the inlaws coincidentally. I told her she should come visit any time after five.

I don’t love Christmas I must say but I get through it for the one little one in the family. The gather consists of such a rag-tag gathering of folks it isn’t real. I helped in the kitchen. I had to drink wine in secret because we are trying not to trigger an advanced aged and advancing alcoholic in the family. And by this I don’t mean me for once. It is weird to drink in secret for other reasons other than trying to hide your own indulgences. I sent more Christmas notes. I took a shower. I got a bit buzzed so to tolerate certain conversations. I didn’t keep myself from tasting stuff but I was pretty disciplined where I could have gone full gluttony. And I fell asleep around eight thirty, not realizing that our friend was texting about then to ask if we would still be going at nine thirty. Everyone had left and only S and her sister and brother-in-law and niece and the brother-in-laws mother  were still about when J. knocked on the door bearing a poinsettia and truffles. Oh lord. When S. came up I woke up for a minute and she told me of this late arrival and I did feel rather remiss and terrible about it. Ah, Christmas. I see from social media that folks are gathered upstate. I feel sad sometimes not being invited places; and a bit out of joint that some of the invitees include people that are not nice to or supportive to my causes. But really, it’s Christmas, so I can only wish them well. I will try and mean it.


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