Capricorn 1° (December 23)


Today is something of a grab bag. I need to update my finances for starters. I will put that tarp on after my dump run and get to the bank to tell them where I’m going to be. I’m updating my finances. I gave Brad my keys. Christmas Eve, tomorrow, I will send out more gifties and on Boxing Day I will ask for major money from all the donators. And then on S’s birthday I will go the extra mile in flinging the book out there into the ether. I hope to be able to do that all the month of January and February too if need be. These should be big months for us. I can better articulate what will need doing. I am thinking Irish today. Cleaned the entire house from top to bottom, like crazy clean. I am aware that my resilience has taken more of a hit than usual. More of an imperative now than ever, then, to make sure things are moving forward. At first I had this idea of writing a tell all about my experiences. It really isn’t a bad idea. I have known a great many people and I could combine the stories into something seamless, peripherally about what things are supposed to be about. I do know I have to stop bitching and whining on here. And I could use a good tutorial on my new laptop so that I don’t end up hating it. The next week will be fairly telling. I will do my best not to overdo certain indulgences on Christmas Eve and Day. I am not eating every baked good in sight. I want to get out in front of the curve again. I know the best way to achieve this is to remove myself and really focus on the bounty at hand, what is working, instead of what is limping along. I don’t want to be motivated by revenge, but I do believe in fairness. Fueled by my Irish feelings and a last puff for the road I will dance a jig tonight. There is this musical show on our local radio called The Fiddle and the Harp and it is one of my favorite things. I used to listen to it at J.D.’s house after a bath many years ago, when I traveled everwhere by bicycle. I love living out there yearround I must be honest. But nothing is affordable any longer and there are few other towns on the Cape where travel by bicycle makes as much sense. It is cold and lonely there to boot. But I must say it is wonderful and if I could do it I would do it.  At least I think so.

Random thinking: Reach out to get money for Afterglow. Drive to Provincetown. Work on putting next two weeks into Moleskine. Run down list of clients who are receiving books. Schedule a day for the gift giving. See what I can order from Etsy on a steampunk theme. Order new shoes from Huckberry. Put pill package together. Clean refridgerator.

Remove screens. Tell Jim about trip.Buy shirt and tie flourishes.Finish reading Nerve and Jung book.Start reading French grammar books (maybe pack some French books).

Schedule procedure. Talk to dentist about whitening. Find or recreate the schedule of writing 2021 HA books. Subsequent Blagues: Go through the daily planner and type away! Blackboard: Cream colored spraypaint or other means of touch up. Go Back and Find those emails from LFC about Alice and TimPaypalMechanicsLaptopAstro Program

Hair CutShoesCar ServiceBikramPlease send me photos Jesse,AliceGift giving of HA Books….all clients and those to book appointments Send VSB grant. Order a car tarp.

Phones Devise a daily social media schedule.Schedule promotion of the books

Have a flyer for the (Paris) consultancy designed for proliferation.


Write Jackie: Can I namedrop at Flora. Do you know what time you get into Edinburg. Spoke with Alberfeldy hotel and they asked if we wanted to dine with them night arrival I said we did Schedule Dr. Yamin.Call Dr. Wang and S’s Derm.

Write Pascale Flesh-out Blackboard Artist List Illustrious. Buy New Daily Planner

Schedule Planet Moves (early Jan). Starter Kits (late Jan/Feb/March) 72 days

Decide when is Providence. What is January itinerary—Antonio? Griet? Antonella?

Vaudeville.Peter Davis.Tim Blanks. Get a fix on Wardrobe/CD Player

Sonos. Update Astrology App.



To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree pointof the Sabian Symbol will be one degree higher than the one listed for today. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 or 6 days per year—so they near but not exactly correlate.


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