Gemini 15° (June 5)

Gots lots to do: Bring on the new messiah: Beyond his default belief that he is god’s gift to the universe, typically everything in Leo’s demeanor says others should show gratitude on that score. He will have you know that you are fortunate to know him, even casually or vaguely, those inside his intimate sphere always on notice they can be cast out. One can’t help thinking of Robert DeNiro’s character Jack Byrnes in Meet The Parents with his “circle of trust” and eyeballing hand gesture suggesting he’s always watching you, like god, ready to punish you for your sin of disloyalty; the name Byrnes makes a nod to the fixed-fire, the sacred heart/h symbol of the divine eternal. We always say you can’t escape your archetype, and the most obvious examples we have that prove this adage are the way actors are mostly cast in roles that typify their own sun signs. Let’s just say that Leo actors are good at playing controlling, overbearing characters with some kind of god-complex, even if they’re a simple taxi driver. And in the game of life, Leo is most apt to play god. The father principle associated with the sign makes the Leo man patronizing, a (s)word that cuts both ways. Embodying that fifth-house attribute of “the love you give” Leo doesn’t stop to ask others if they are willing to receive it. As is often the case, Leo most often finds himself in a position of power to make or break others’ careers and would-be successes. He typically assumes a fatherly role as some kind of director of, boasting a talent for ushering other talent toward their own artistic, professional goals, even when having a creative career of his own—think Redford’s Sundance or DeNiro’s TriBeCa films enterprises, festivals et al. The Lion most readily finds his way to the top of professional food chains, in position of decider and he will form personal, albeit blurred bonds with those he’s helped along their paths. What he’s done for people is never divorced from who he is to them. And he’s watching and waiting for your latest show of gratitude, just as he is for you to give off even the slightest hint of taking his grace for granted. The Leo giveth and the Leo can taketh away. Sometimes even the closest of friends—well, as close as you can get to the fixed-fire Lion without getting burned or your head bitten off—will find themselves cast out of his intimate sphere for seemingly for the slightest infraction or none at all they can think of. Disloyalty to the Leo can simply be perceived as disagreeing with his opinions or decisions, that dictatorial shadow side emerging, which means his personal life will be increasingly filled with yes men and women. As it is his friendship base is largely made up of clients and colleagues who need defer to him, often along with childhood cronies who’ve genuflected to the Leo since his glory days. Like J.C. Superstar suddenly returned from his trip into the mystic, now aged somewhere in his Leo year span (28-35), focusing now on amassing a following, from his twelve apostles (corresponding to the twelve signs of the zodiac with him at the center of the universe) to the increasing masses, the Leo manchild is designed to draw others to him, rallying them to his way of thinking, causes and point of view. He is rarely not the alpha among his young male peers. The sword Excaliber is a symbol of Arthur’s own divine kingship and endows him with the power to gather his knights of the round table; likewise, the incisive Tom Sawyer, with his suggestively cutting name and cut-up personality, is also a leader of the pack who rallies his peers to do his bidding. It’s not that Leo man is forever stealing the spotlight, rather he is the spotlight and when he is beaming upon others it can make them feel most special. There is something encoded in his cosmic nature that makes people want to both please and be accepted by him. And it’s not wholly unconscious on your part, Leo. Au contraire: Leo is generally aware that the loving attention he pays to others is currency, his presumed love is a drug on which he hooks people. The favors he bestows or any opportunity he provides come with heartstrings attached. You owe him total dedication and devotion, which shouldn’t be expressed too subtly. This greatest player of the game of life is forever keeping score, make no mistake. Of course, Leo sees himself as wholly uncomplicated.

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