Scorpio 23° (November 16)

Wow this food poisoning or whatever this thing is really no joke.Anyway woke up this morning to torrential sleet and sideways winds. Headed over to Blue Bottle for a coffee and I ended up having a green tea and a ham and cheese on baguette. What the hell is wrong with me?

Getting things down about Libra: Apollo presides over. He is perhaps the first president; a god for Athens, a god for democracy who as befits the Scales designation as the only abstract sign in the zodiac, presides over all abstracts as the god, too, of order, reason, law, music, poetry, prophecy. He is an oracular god and an orator, as was his son Linus (was Charles Shulz of Peanuts fame conscious of this?). His great Pumpkin storyline runs along the theme of Great Expectations, which are Libra’s superpower, the shadow side of the sign being Disappointment. The others of the sign can be Hell.

Apollo can kill with his words. Libra the scales is the swift sword of Justice. Lofty guy. Stuck up maybe. Sting. Abrstract: order reason music seven notes to scale etc 24-29 Prime like Jean Brodie one is primed for veneration. If Cancer is coming of age, Libra is coming into oneself. 7th house of others–all of you—in one on one relationship—the sign’s motto is we are. The Candidate. Apollo perfect candidate to succeed Zeus but he is rejected. He chases Daphne but he is rejected. Prime: On the road to importance.

Snapshot of Jesus as the orator, the statesmen, the pundit for peace, at the podium, pulpit, pedestal. Gaining popularity. To enlighten others. To equalize. The god in the white hat, and yet not a cozy figure. Because he’s an abstraction. He’s an idea.

Fun Fact: we’ve chosen 12 songs by artsts of each of the twelve signs to punctuate the point

At this point in the story Jesus is in his pulpit. Lucifer, the light bringer, Luc and Leia, both Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are Libras. Cardinal air translates to light. The symbol of Libra, yes is the scales but it is also a sunset captured at mid sink below the horizon, equality and equipoise. Reaching out holding hands. Libra wants to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. And it wants to help the disenfranchised of Virgo to rise to equal status, equi-librium, blanace. Fairness. Full Exposure. The Light of Day. Light is the best antiseptic

Libra really is about fairness. Things being even. The start of Libra is the Equinox, light being even. 42-49 the descendent in age however. I am a we. We are no longer wrking it out. we are erecting pillars of personal principle into place. The edification. Erecting our designs for living. Seeking balance and harmony. The shadow side was be being overly judgmental, hypocrisy, great expecations to disappointment

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