Scorpio 24° (November 17)

Still feeling rather iffy. Had a super creative talk about the biz this morning over coffee; and realizing how possible everything is when people spiritually invest in you. It truly is a wonderful thing. Went for a nice long walk in Wellfleet. Wanted to get some notes down on the intro…

More thoughts on Scorpio: 49-56 All that Libra light casts a dark and mysterious shadow a/k/a the sign of Scorpio. Fixed water ice crystals. Concentrated. Distilled down to the Microscopic, atomic, sub particular Unseen mysterious building block level of everything, the True Essence is it infinitely fathomless? Ruled by Pluto named the god of the Underworld, with his cloak of invisibility. The Underworld is also a metaphor for our own subconscious. The 8th house rules sleep, death, sex, all of which fall under the heading of regeneration. Pluto’s energy is eliptical like the phoenix forever rising from the ashes. What is seething below the surface. What subtext, scandal, seduction, subterfuge? Betrayal. Yes, here in the Jesus story there are whispers in the shadows; and the general atmosphere is becoming sick with secrets and the alienation

We have. Merger becoming a third entity. Surely on some sub particular level we are already merged. Scorpio is a human microscope seeing through artifice in search of truest nature. We Have (a secret) we are only as sick as them.



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