Libra 23° (October 16)


First, I have to remind myself that most people don’t work as hard as I do. That I wear many hats and I’m pretty successful at everything I undertake. The trick now is to concentrate, hone, focus and distill. The riches are in the niches as they say. And this will be a year of pulling many threads through. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to show writing, for starters. I have everything at my finger tips. The trick is to get people who haven’t come before to come out to support us. And really it doesn’t matter either way because we have never done anything we do for any kind of applause, real or metaphoric. What our focus shall continue to be: Is to spread our message of self-actualization. That’s the great thing about the Zodiac. People want to belong to this house of that in Hogwarts, right? Well the Zodiac is like a cosmic Hogwarts with twelve houses in which we each get all our own mansions. My interests are really metaphysics and I must find a way to continue my studies on the subject while having it inform all the work I do, from books to product to personal consulting to performing. It’s all the same message, interpreted various ways.

I wake up in our Cambridge flat and bike across the bridge to my morning Bikram class, on winter days, I take the bus, easy peasy. I get to the Atelier mid morning and have something restorative, mainly keto. I put on my real or metaphorical apron and my work day begins; and on any given day it will entail heavy focus on product design with the occassional session mixed in—our new large screen makes Skype sessions a breeze. We break for a late lunch and will spend the afternoon putting together our various projects and plans for books, products and events. We will do some scales and work on some bits, or it might just be a writing night. There may be some Glow Festival work to focus on. It’s all of a piece. I would carve out certain days for this and certain days for that and I would create the most beautiful jewel box of a space, with the requisite gadgetry in place. Our p.a. would manage all we needed managing making herself something of a major domo in time.

The wonderful thing about writing is you can write whatever you want. The terrible thing about writing is that you can write whatever you want. As there is a nagging feeling that, though there may be no right or wrong to putting the proverbial it down on real or metaphorical paper, there definitely is a good or bad dichotomy to contend with.

The beauty of writing this Blague during times of deadline is that it helps to keep my head straight. In just a week’s time I will be back to using this forum as a way to put my creative ideas into works. Next year I will write new snapshot one-pagers, portraits of the signs, which can very much come off of the work I do creatively, on the show, starting Monday. I must remember that I am in good shape and act accordingly. In the days leading up to Brian’s visit to the Idea Swap I will get him what he needs. Once I hand these book drafts over, I am full on into the show and doing my scales and promoting the show and, in the process, the books that will soon be uploaded. I will also get to take a nice trip to London which I find necessary; and I will be pretty much free to focus on purely creative things through to Christmas. After which time I would like to focus, solely, on clearing out the office and basement and already getting a jump on the next round of books which I would like to have completely written by March. I am going to keep things very much close to the bone this year and do a full accounting of monies going in their various directions. I will be performing my own show this year in festival and want to make sure to give that project plenty of attention in March and April as I again crank up the machinery for fundraising, all the while touting the local businesses.

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