At 22° Libra, we find A Child Giving Birds A Drink At A Fountain which expresses the concern of simple souls (children, or, as ye should be like them) for the welfare of more helpless beings who thirst for life as we do. Yesterday we communed, all together, with nature, the source and originality of our collective being. Today, we see the expression of our guardianship, as wardens of this world, and we, the human child, are empowered to give life to other beings of our planet. We thus become agents of creation, not mere creatures. Unlike the original source, the fountain is a man-made thing that emulates the source. [I write this while looking across Lake Geneva to Evian, I might add] Through the skill that Mother Nature has wrought in us, we are thus endowed with the power of giving life. The disingenuousness of an image connecting a child with birds is striking. There is a such innocence and love and a natural sense of providence. The child doesn’t think he just acts. Our human nature, un-adult-erated is one of caring and protection and nurture. We are indeed the children of our Mother, whose vast expanse, as sea or outer space, we met with yesterday.


This oracle would be ruled by Capricorn in a twelve-fold sequence. Where as its opposite cardinal-water sign of Cancer is Source (the sign ruled by Mother Moon, the controller of tides), Capricorn is the power of re-source, the sea-goat emerging from the water to climb every mountain. [Again, here I am at Lake Geneva, a mountain resource created by the encircling Alps—an Arcadian Capricorn landscape if ever there was one] Capricorn is the cardinal-earth sign, emblemized by a mountain, a symbol of the seat of our spirituality. The child’s contact with the birds is like the point of connection between the fingers of God and Man (Adam). Yesterday we said As Above So Below; now we see that motto echoing through all existence. In our childlike simplicity we are the loving gods of the other creatures of this world. We have the power to create or destroy our world. “What you received from the Infinite, you can give to the finite beings that thirst for it. Man does not need to destroy nature’s wilderness through greed and carelessness; he can transform this wilderness into a garden, whose signing fountains will attract birds”—Dane Rudhyar.

Let us make Solicitude our word for the day. It means, quite simly, the state of being concerned—attentive care and protectiveness—a cause of care or concern.

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