Leo 9° (July 30)

Today my message about going through all our belongings will be misconstrued. I want to say: I have told her a number of times that, with a house with nine furnished rooms, including two offices, packed with housewares and thousands of books, a baby grand piano, plus a basement stuffed with innumerable boxes from our 38 years together, that I can’t simply wait until October to decide who gets what and what goes where. It will be a full-time job for me August, September and October to sort through what can possibly be sold, what items are divided between the two of us, what should go to the dump or into storage. This is informed, of course, by the near impossible task of finding some place for me to live by November 1. There are no rentals on Cape Cod to speak of so I will have to likely make a series of trips elsewhere in Massachusetts to find a suitable rental all while dealing with the enormity of the move. I have put a mover which we’ve used multiple times in the past on hold for October 28, 29 and 30, and we can pick an exact day of those three for them to move things to new homes or put into storage. I have asked her to come to the house soon (she can bring family with her) to go through the house with me and decide who gets what and what can be sold or dumped. There are many boxes in the basement that contain shared items and memories. We have, as I say, thousands of books—those we don’t want can be sold or donated—so we need to do the hard, meticulous work of going through them all. The same with cds and other collected items. I cannot do this alone. As a compromise I have offered to go room by room myself and photograph the contents such that her can make notes on what she wants and doesn’t. I have even offered to stack books on our many bookshelves and in boxes in the basement so she can claim what she wants. She has misconstrued this as my threatening to sell or throw away her belongings which is not at all what was implied nor is it anything I would ever do. If anything, She knows I have a very hard time throwing away anything of mine or hers. I need to express that going through the contents of our near four decades together is emotionally devastating for me. I attach a great deal of sentiment to even the slightest thing. She is much better at throwing things away than I am so I would greatly appreciate her taking the responsibility of coming to the Cape soon and working with me to sort through the material manifestations of our shared life together and not solely burden me with it. I don’t think I can handle the stress and duress on top of the sudden, shocking separation and the loss of our book deal. Plus finding somewhere to live. It is too much for me. We must be out of this house by October 31 at 5PM. I wrote to her to say: I was waiting for takeaway order when I received your note. I wrote you back a bunch of emails by iphone but they will have been filled with typos because my 1.25 readers are too weak and my fingers too fat to properly email from my iphone. Still I hope you got the gist. I would never in a million years mess with your stuff. The whole point of what I’m saying is I need you to tell me now/soon what you want me to keep put aside for you of shared items. And also, what you want to do about old books and so forth. And what furniture you want so that i keep it for you and don’t sell it. We cannot wait until October to go through contents for many reasons. For starters moving company will come in September to give estimate for moving or storing. I need to start the process NOW, not in October. I know if you stop to think for one minute about the logistics you will realize: Oh, right, if I had all that on my plate I would have had to have started yesterday. Four weeks went by before I received the proposed  “separation agreement”. Within days you are sending me notes trying to rush the process of my lawyer, who is just being retained, to get back to you. You asked for patience so please show me the same kindness. I will send you inventory/photos of each room in the house and I will go through basement and stack all the books and photograph those and you can tell me what you want. It dovetails with other conversation. For instance, if we continue working together and A-C gets an office space perhaps all shared (astrology especially) books and some furniture (for meeting clients on Zoom) can go there. Your proposal obviously wants to cut me out of A-C and leave me with an empty shell of Wheel without means for that second company to make any money. Gee thanks. I will put my first round of questions into a document that will be concise. I understand that you are spending money on a lawyer. So too am I. As far as Facebook goes. It is the only source of friendship support I have. I have been totally alone in this house like a ghost for a month. I don’t have any friends here and no family. I will do whatever I want in regard to my own social media because it is my own. You blocked me on all social media so you don’t now have the right to tell me what I can or cannot say as it pertains to my life. Snap.

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