Leo 10° (August 2)

The answer is nowhere. And the point is it has been a number of days since July 30th. And a lot of water under the bridge. I am using the dictate function and I am over pronouncing everything as if I am a computer or what’s his name ah the universe Oh yes Stephen Hawking. This might be a practice I need get into. Because if I can start to function in this manner then the sky is actually the limit. And I will be living alone so who’s to hear me? It is strange though that my computer knows what I’m saying considering the fact I grew up with Lincoln logs and play DoH. So right where were we July 30th was Friday and Friday was the dentist which was all a bit of a torture and then gosh I wish I knew it happened I probably went to Mac’s I did. And they would have had oysters and I would have had chowder and I would have had crabby crunch. And I would have received weird emails on the subject of the separation and I will have spent the weekend writing up these massive amounts of questions and do I go back to Mac’s on Saturday God I hope not I’m spending a bloody fortune on oysters and yet it is what is helping me the oyster cure. So yes that will be a big day writing up everything and also going through all the eye balling up the basement and the upstairs and the office and all of it and stumbling upon boxes with all our mixed media impossible to separate unless it’s done by at least the two of us with photos and journals and memorabilia it’s an impossible task and everyone should know it and I hope they do and I hope they do so soon. It was J.s birthday on Saturday and I send a polite message and received nothing back it’s quite obvious now that I’ve been turned against her or she’s turned against me or whatever. The point is my own private life is not my own it’s been exposed but never mind. In a way it’s been a pivotal weekend however um I was hoping to land today in a more functional place and it’s not been the case at all. I’ve been overindulgent on every level and it’s now 107 in the morning the next day and I’m just now writing this blog or speaking this blog I should say and auto correct doesn’t turn blog into Blague so we’re just going to have to kill it on our own here . Um next paragraph yeah that didn’t work very well did it I guess auto or dictate or whatever it is does it know how to create new paragraphs. So yesterday it was fantastic because Dave and Allison got us tickets to see Mavis Staples at payoh met close . Uhm. Those freaks were there and I’m sure they saw me which is fine. I might have a lead on an apartment I will know tomorrow if I can see it. Mavis but it’s pretty fierce I have to say it was the thoroughly enjoyable evening and because we were going to be bringing a picnic to the show it gave me an excuse too cook which has been hard to do I do have to start thinking about my appearance because this month of crying has left me looking very sad and very old and I need to start doing better for myself I guess I have to become a narcissist just like everybody else. 

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