Virgo 5° (August 27)

Day Fifteen E.D.A.N.O.W.W. Tuna Martini. Another night at the bar at Mac’s. Just today (which is Christmas) put on glasses that I ordered on this actual day from Peepers. It looks like more of the same in my world, going through belongings, figuring out stuff,  I can’t possibly know now in hindsight what every moment was for. So I’m working some magic on this end instead.I came across this list of songs dating back to when Chris drager and I used to sing them together um so this means late 80s mid 80s late 80s the list includes sweet young thing a song called indications which I guess we’ve wrote song called dilemma too late and then swing low sweet chariot going down the road some kind of jungle bundle Blues something band-aids I have no idea um strange sounds in the night Ring of Fire and I’m a believer I guess we mash into one song circles sky season of the witch the lady don’t mind something called Crimson tree and what goes on. I also found written on New York social calendar stationery some kind of jumble of words there might be a poem in here somewhere I will have to get some magnifying glass I think in order to read this which I can do right now actually .I found this song:

Psycho Bitch (presumably originally a song)

Black shirt suits me on a day like this 

Poor Mountaineer brings his fog to town

Doesn’t comprehend I’m not in morning

This dinger is still through the night or maybe the singer 

Whisper to the Crescent 

Bellowing at the hill 

Your nose ring glistens

As your as your Spock ears listen

Psycho ***** 

Moods that switch

Light the fuse and get away 

Psycho ***** 

Your momma was a witch

Somethings gonna blow today

Hey hey 

Clamping down hard

At my tiptoes round your head

Snarling in your sleep

You release uh seething vision

The moon in your belly

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