Virgo 4° (August 26)

Day Fourteen E.D.A.N.O.W.W. Oysters, Pasta w/ Clams. Once again I see myself at Mac’s in the evening. I see on this day too that I took a bunch of pictures, still giving her the opportunity to respond. So much wasted time. So much hurt. So many words with lawyers. It is all such a bore. Pictures of her pop up everyday because rarely did I ever take pictures of anybody else. And now onto old poems and other writing:

Rope (circa early 1990s)

Take insight:

I cried as a night child

For my brother in dream.

All missing.

To take me to heart:

Lay hands on me.

Say safe. And strong.

Accept without revolt.

Love me by myself.

“Not this frail monster!”

Holding thunder in enemy arms.

Day, no show of ropes.

Each hope to late a start.

Un -initiate preserve. Fight.

Through fashioned fears.

And icy stairs upon you.

Dare I say brother.

Splashed the wings of rejection:

A rope in daggers—

I still don’t throw straight—

Dimly, dangling, would you know:

The dream died.

No boyhood friend.

Pain saying like me.


Instead the smooth passage.

Took my right.

The final start: 

I rise from secret not

Adorned with metals.

Piecing parts that will stays.

And slip and climb the steep

In hope of distant rope now:

Words to once pale friend—Swinging me in circles overhead—Through clouded air

I simply shwed to dlear:

The child sheds collapsed tears

From my eyes still open to dream

That you are really there.

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