Scorpio 23° (November 15)

Will sleep most of the day as am feeling depressed. Probably clinically. I will watch as many movies as I’ve never seen as possible. There seems to be a “Graduate” theme running through my options. I called Bartlett and Dowd and neither one will end up calling me back. Friends are becoming increasingly hard to find in the end. I have to reckon with the fact that I have been cancelled by a great many people, but I will use that to my advantage. Maybe a one-man-show called cancelled. We shall see. I will go deep perhaps into relaunching the festival. I have to do something. I will get some octopus at Strangers but I do need to stop spending money on food as it is becoming draining. It is just so hard to make a meal for oneself, sit down and eat it, then do the dishes, all alone. It is the saddest thing about this new life. I have no family. I am living in a strange place. I don’t really have friends here—reenter that cancelled thing; maybe I should just tell people that it would be really important to me to be able to chat for five minutes, as I am going through something so major in life. I’ll try that and see what happens. I am not only hurt by the person who left me I am hurt by all the friends who have likewise taken the opportunity to drop me like a hot potato.

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