Scorpio 22° (November 14)

Had dinner at like four a.m. My body clock is all off. Made a lovely chicken but promptly realized I can’t eat it by myself. I have to get off this current roller coaster and start making things real for myself. I will eat Spiritus pizza as my only other (late) meal of the day and oh my god is it good. Back to work: She likes to keep all her friendships separate (mainly because she is delivering the same monologue to everyone, individually. As I say she might bend your ear on the phone talking about how the world is currently serving her lemons and then hang up with you and pick up the phone with someone else and do exactly the same thing. She is a habitual self-helper, but the self-help rarely seems to take hold. The thing is: She can be VERY funny. It is one of the more comedic signs. And comedy is often a way for her to exorcise her self-esteem issues, through self-deprecation or simply acting wacky, and especially juvenile. Think of Molly Shannon, Lily Tomlin, Melissa McCarthy, Nicole Byers, Leslie Jones, Maria Bramford—the list goes on. The notion of being stuck in a sort of eternal adolescence not only befits the Virgo myth of the virgin Kore (whose mother aspect is Demeter) and her mother issues but it also speaks to her being the “eager beaver” of the zodiac who, often times, can’t seem to give it away. (Stevie’s anxiety might be over not losing her virginity.) The character Monica in “Friends” is a Virgo archetype. The name means among other things: alone (mono) but also to advise and even nun. Monica is outshined by her brother in her parents’ eyes, and yet she is also indulged (she is given the rent stabilized apartment); her experience as an adult is hinged on having been an (overweight) adolescent. Virgo rules digestion and she becomes a chef. She is also a highly competitive know-it-all and is the caretaker of the group, playing mother. Virgo women especially play the role of den mother, especially to gay men. This might inform Stevie’s relationship with Manny; but she would likely also have other gay besties or administer to his group of friends. Using that art school analogy again, she is the proverbial, dare I say “fag hag”, as un-p.c. as it is to do so. Virgo (the opposite sign to Pisces) is that of Mary Magdalene who, let’s face it, was the original groupie to a bunch of guys. Whereas Virgo makes mothers of other women, copping their styles, she looks to (gay) men for her education in all things art, fashion, music and culture. The zodiac’s eternal little sister (to males), the tag-along, she insinuates herself, administering to their needs, rendering them reliant on her.

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