Scorpio 21° (November 13)

Going to have a little fun today. Take a stroll. I was walking past William Scott gallery and heard Neneh Cherry playing. Popped in and met…I think his name is Tophie? Then went to Baie to see if Raina was there. She wasn’t but Matty was manning the ship. Decided to treat myself to oysters and some crab legs at Squealing Pig as my one meal today. Went to hang out with Tim for a bit. Stopped in at Loveland and Austin was there wrapped in a blanket reading a book. I had to pick up my jacket and decided to buy some of the good organic wines from Perry’s and put them in my backpack. But Billy came in and gave me a ride home. Spent the evening cooking and on garde manger. Chicken, potatoes, Salad, which won’t be eaten…I’m so happy to have my jacket backet LOL. Some cosmic thoughts: Virgo Woman: Stevie still reads very much the Virgo but, as we discussed, we really could infuse her with that know-it-all quality as well as that signature sign thing of assuming she is in relationships with people who have no clue. Virgos have infamous relationships with their mothers—the my-mother-myself sign. Very often their mothers are also Virgos. Virgo’s tend to be treated in youth with a brand of pity from their parents (mothers especially) so they can suffer from self-esteem and yet be indulged at the same time. Many Virgo girls are given big assists by their parents who project this notion that the Virgo is somehow to disabled to make it on her own (apartments bought or rented for her, weekly allowances well into adulthood, etc.) There is a bit of Munchausen by Proxy going on. As if family needs her to need them. She (thus) also tends to suffer from a form of arrested development. She often has a male sibling whom the parents might see as the golden child who can do no wrong. So she feels in competition with sibling(s) often but that, it’s a moot point, she can never win. She might run with this and project this parental thing onto her sibling but also onto friends, typically older ones, with whom she bonds and forms mini mother-daughter relationships. Might be interesting in light of her own relationship with Leva. She also “appropriates” the traits of other women, nearly becoming them at times, just as she and her own mom might have dressed in matching outfits or something.

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