Scorpio 20° (November 12)

I know I had a busy day, doing what I couldn’t tell you. As I am writing these entries in retrospect, with a very blurry memory considering this past two weeks, nay these past two, nay, these past four months plus, it is a wonder that I have the fortitude to keep this Blague going. But I must. I know that in writing it is the only way that I will find my way out. I have to write and write and write I now realize. I have to use my talents to get out of this hole. Someone back recently called me talented and clever. Talented and clever. Those are insults in my book. Anyway, we are going to get there. We are going to figure out everything. I will get dressed up and go to Strangers again, just have some wine and octopus, then I’ll stroll downtown. I decide to do a little dancing at one place and then karaoke at another, and still get home at a decent hour. It was a fine night in the end and had lovely time chatting with folks at dinner at the lounge. I’m so incredibly lonely that I’m dancing as fast as I can. I recognize the signs. Still working on TV ideas: Mythology is filled with Apollo seeking vengeance for someone unfairly treating others or simply trash talking them. His golden arrows of retribution are especially painful so the story goes. I think a lot of fun can be had with Manny on this paradoxical spectrum of seeking love and people pleasing and then letting others have it when they do him wrong. Also he must learn to hold himself to the same judgmental standards as he does others, which he may sometimes fail to do. The Scales are by nature judgy and the lofty Libra can have that art-school brand of bite that makes fun of others for being too middle of the road, mediocre or “normal.” This generally stems from being bullied for not being main-stream enough in his youth. You’ll see a lot of “self-invented” Libra characters when you Google—long before it was a cultural norm for anyone to invent “object” names for themselves you had the likes of Libras like e.e. cummings, Le Corbusier, Sting, Flea, Eminem, and many others. His strengths are: Artistic, Idealistic, Socially Conscious (an Activist?), Talented, Aesthetic, Forward-thinking, Liberal, Relationship orientated, Original, Inventive. Weaknesses: Insecure, People pleasing, Judgmental, Compartmentalizing, Sensitive, Cutting, Paranoid. Likes: The arts, early morning and evening, small gatherings, lively debate, individual or one-on-one sports, style and decoration. Dislikes: Large gatherings, roughing it, ignorance/prejudice, loud noises, garishness, the low brow.

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