Taurus 23° (May 14)

We got to skip a day/date in writing, here because, given that the year is 365 days but only 360 degrees, every once in a while we catch up to ourselves doing a daily Blague. And when I say we I mean I. I have actually been speaking in the first person a lot lately perhaps too much. When I work with clients sometimes I use we to say you. But it’s sort of creeped in here. Which can be creepy

In thinking about what might be the new intros to the next year’s Haute Astrology, I think I will deconstruct them against the snapshots in Sextrology, and make them more evolutionary in spirit; in this way I might already be writing notes on the next book. It’s not a ground breaking thought but I thought it best to record it.

I’m in pretty good shape at this point I feel, when it comes to artistic projects and sort of keeping everything flowing in the right direction. It comes down to being prolific as best you can be, it truly does. Sometimes speed with writing especially can get you out of your head and just allow thoughts to flow straight down onto what looks like paper on the computer screen.

Whenever I travel I get really off piste with the Blague so I’m just going to let this be pretty unfunny or clever and just move on with my time. Although I will say this: That I at once feel a storm a brewing and also have my eye on the calm of its own eye. I definitely have a sense of being able to reel the energy, and the circumstance, in a bit at t his time. I really don’t have many good close friends in New York City anymore truth be told. I have some good acquaintances, though. And I have much to accomplish and connections are important no doubt.

Only a couple days on Cape before I pivet to the final performance of our series this year and a nice weekend away first with inlaws then to what is like a substitute to a spiritual home.

To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree of the Sabian Symbol may be higher than the one listed here  as the symbols culminate in the next degree. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 days. 


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