Virgo 25° (September 17)


Taking inventory of all the things I need to get done in the coming weeks and feeling overwhelmed at the thought. So I’m going to use today to put some things down and get things moving. We have a show at Joe’s Pub on December 19 and I am determined to bring what we do to a wider audience. I have confirmed Matt as our musical director; now I just have to put the other musicians into place. I need also to follow up on those folks who had pledged donations to the festival and now, fun, I have to chase them down. What is always looming is finishing up the year-ahead books, but that is just a matter of time and getting through the next several weeks. I must, too, now replace the act that has dropped out of our season at A.R.T. this year. I must also arrange for another couple years lease on the creative space we rent, which can truly be a fun thing to do. I have to get the word out for the workshop we are doing for Brian King (ten days from now); and outreach to venues that could make up the tour. Lady Rizo’s outfit owes me money so I have to chase that down now too. I need to schedule a time to work with Tim-Scapes and get that entire mechanism moving. And I have to map out real hours during which time I can get our Joe’s Pub show into works. The material for that show does dovetail with some of the creative ideas we are putting out there for these year-ahead books. I must also schedule time to get new VSB and other grants into works, because if I don’t put that stuff in the books it will never happen.

Additionally I need to step up the Afterglow sponsorship contacts through social media during the course of the winter and spring; and to have some kind of early summer event like I did in the past where people can gve in advance. I need to put together a pitch to larger corporate entities in Boston in particular to start funding the larger, moveable Glow fest. I would like to get all the press in order and to figure out the new wording needed for next VSB grant. Likewise, I should like to get a newsletter out in the coming weeks. Also mus schedule sitting down and going over the song list for the December show.

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