Scorpio 4° (October 28)


Cauliflower pizza crust. Those were just some of the watchwords for today. I have been getting a goodly amount of work done, going at a fairly decent pace. The goal is to get to the point where I can just finishing piecing the books all together and then I can begin the promotion and also the work on the new show. I have not been taking as good care of myself as i should be doing these past few days. I hate the constant writing. I cannot wait to be done with it all and moving on to other projects. If this were the only thing I had to write each day I think I’d be far happier. Anyway, it’s Sunday and there’s no reason to get to upset about anything in particular. I sent JLB a note and she wrote back. I will have to respond as soon as I get a moment. I am putting on my list for Thursday, November 8, as something tells me I won’t have time between now and then. I am putting tape over my camera. EW seems to have blocked me on Facebook. The world is going to change. I have to make room for my start up disk.

We watched “I Love You, Alice B. Tolkas” last night and Peter Sellers and Tolkas are both Virgos. And I was struck at how Virgo a tale it was about the Everyman, a morality play about good and bad, if not evil, Virgo virtue and vice. The Zodiac’s Virgin holds a sheaf of grain which will be ingested, if not gestated, wheat separating from chaff, nutrient from detritus, digestion being ruled by this sixth sign whose astrological house governs diet, behaviors, habits and daily routines. Virtue is everyday. As is vice. Every wo/man is in service to decide which they’re serving, “I serve” being the Virgo motto. (The “Tolkas” film is serving brownies.) The sign is also associated with work. Working it and serving It. Peter Sellers, the proverbial put-upon Everyman character might very well find a middle way in the movie.

Get It.
Anatomy of your spiritual being
Zodiac images are post-its.
To Be Easy.
Starsky & Cox teach you how to Get It.
You’ve got to Let It. Dissolution Neptune.
First house is Get It.
Twelfth house is Let It.
The twelfth house, Pisces, opposite facing fish, the Alpha and the Omega.
The fish of Pisces are the totems of Aphrodite-Mari and her son Eros.
One and the same of course as Mary—Mari, Mari—and the Jesus Fish.
Mary’s della robbia blue gown is the sea fringed with foam, the picture of Aphrodite on her half shell.
Planet Neptune. Named for Roman god of the Se
Warrior First. Holding Vigil
Appreciation 3 prongedNo excuses. Can’t think a bad thougth.
You can’t afford it. Going broke. Can’t afford it.
.makes you feel bad. Have to recovery. Everyone is in recovery. This is the 12 step program.

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