Scorpio 4° (October 27)


Last night was kind of a blowout. We had an amazing dinner. I cooked. Friday fish. Just why not still do the Catholic thing even though no other aspect of it exists in our lives. And yet I remain drawn to the mystics of that religion, and to the Cathars, part of me wanting to renounce everything, always. I wonder what Sus is doing right now. I know she has a new boyfriend to whom she is very attached. I think he’s a clown or a mime or something, which means both she and Jaq married mimes. How weird is that. Well Enz. seems happy and he’s a pretty good barometer. I just think that those who change their personalities to make a bond tend not to include people they know in said equation, like we will out them. We shall see. This is all very much off the top of my head but no less interesting at least to me, my only reader, except for Erin Markey (yes Erin I mentioned you again in case you’re Googling yourself!)

I find it funny that nobody knows from whence we really come. When I say nobody I mean all the young(ish ) performers with whom I’ve worked over the years. That’s also the fun part. I love all the kids from six to sixty. And/but they are in for ashow for sure. All I have to say and all I have to give can not be compressed into one Blague. It can’t be compressed into four or four-and-twenty years of Blague. I seem to be the character on the outs. Like I don’t get it. I know the world is supposedly moving in certain directions but I’m so not going there. Why, why, why do people have to put of constant pics of themselves with celebrities they don’t even know? What does that do for them. We all know a great many famous people. It doesn’t mean we have to trade in them. I would say Sad but it’s already taken by someone I despise.

This next couple of weeks will be telling. We have tickets out (for a few days) to a sort of ancestral land. I mean, being Irish, I don’t know really where my family comes from. Although I do. My cousin Denise who shares my exact Irish lineage, says we are from Cork and North Connaught. It’s funny how my “very English friends” are mostly not English at all. And probably, in fact, I’m more connected by blood to that isle than they are. It doesn’t stop them from playing the part of course which is understandable. Everyone I know who lives in England, and has has some bare bones of means, have turned themselves into ancestral lords of the land. Who can blame them. I would do the same if I could. There is no American equivalent that makes any kind of sense.

I mean really. Our true friends are the same friends (and associates) dating back to 1983-1986. I have to say, for the most part (with very few and sincere exeptions (P+M, GvdK, CF, JVB, N+J), those including high school friends for whom, I admit, after reaquainting with them, I have limited investment…I mean what the ef was that? Crazy stuff went down this sumer that’s for sure.

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