Scorpio 3° (October 26)


It’s Pesky’s birthday today. I think she is in Los Angeles. It is also Maggie Roche’s birthday. Why am I skeptical about Suzzy selling those CDs. The best album overall is the Maggie and Terre one, prior to Suzzy’s joining the band I think. I know that she supposedly gave the band style; and really they were always fun to watch; and I think she’s probably kind of a nice person, though she was terrifying to me when I jumped up on stage all those many years ago. And she clashes with Terre whom I do love; but I suppose there are indeed always three sides to a story; still I can’t imagine the cruelty. I loved Terre’s book Blabbermouth; in fact I’d like to re-read it. I have been thinking a lot about memoir myself recently—as I write this I forget that this Blague actually mainly consists of, now, nearly four years of daily memoir. It’s crazy.

But I think it might be time to work on some pieces of fiction; or fictionalized non-fiction. Ah the post-modern world. It’s filled with such fun. The one positive thing I can say for sure is that I feel that I have some kind of lifeline now. That there is a net. There is a sense of being able take something and make it into much more. It’s been nearly twelve years since the first iteration of the designs were blown up by that Dracula and his Renfrew. But we will have seen what has happened to them. I will take a look now through my spy portal. Ten thousand thieves. That’s really what we ought to call ’em. Anyway it is all information and all bile under the bridge. Too many wonderful and amazing people out there to waste time on the low and evil. I am writing my story. It begins now. We have had a wonderful time even during the worst. So many people I know can only attempt to be happy if high on the hog and even then not so much. So I appreciate where this journey is taking me and I’m ready for the next steps.

There comes a point in life where you have to say shut up and so what. Or vice versa. I have to put solid things in motion and dive deep into this beautiful new phase of life. Living life on deadlines is becoming a thing of the past. Thought is is rather addicting to have gone from school into a world of writing and the deadlines I dreaded writing papers in college in many ways have never become a thing of the past. Now it’s up to me and I feel really good about that. It’s like having money in the bank you needn’t spend. The convertability of it all is what can be the dreamiest bit. Meanwhile we have such an opportunity to set things up underneath the new business, because the old business in itself has a life that has yet to be fully lived in my estimation. After this Blague today we should really find there is a shift. It’s down/up to me. I’ve said that before. And there is nothing like the extention of assists that you’re determined not to take. It’s about having something not to fall back on, or fall into, but to simply know is there and build from.


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