Scorpio 2° (October 25)


Now there are ten pipe bombs. And my eye thing doesn’t show up in old notes so there is that now to deal with. Oh well, what you going to do. I couldn’t sleep last night as I am already, let’s not say obsessing, but I am being vigilant about getting all this new life into play. I have to pave a way to be focused purely, creatively on what the collection is going to consist of and look like. We will have a few off sights after the New Year and get this party started right. We get to look at Paris consultancy now during fashion week. There is an overall elan that goes with all of this. I will surely be looking at budgets and seeing how we can make this work, giving ourselves the basics we need to do this job, while keeping it lean and mean

The argument for New York would be the talent and business pool available to us. The consultancy would certainly do fantastically in that regard. We would probably have a better event business. We surely would be able to work more on the performance as well. It is just kind of ridiculous place. Uptown makes the most sense for living but one doesn’t get a lot for the moolah. But when it comes to shopping, eating and so forth it is really out of control. Even as I’m writing this my gut is telling me that we wouldn’t be happy. It might be that we find a studio there to act as a show room and a home base too for when we are in town. All of it is possible; and we will do whatever best serves the business. I am very much looking forward to this renaissance. The only way to combat the societal blues we feel, very much as a result of social media, is focus on self and ones own creativity.

Even those I know who espouse that ideal, the ones who go off about others posting selfies of them with famous people often then post pictures of themselves with famous people. Those who lament a vanishing downtown NYC or other vestiges of the past in other places to gentrification are those who would sell out as soon as they can. We live in a world of sour grapes it seems. I don’t see the need to continually flaunt the boons in my life. Nobody needs pictures of me at premiers or launches or award ceremonies. It’s all pretty lame stuff. And we do know that it is documented fact that it contributes to people’s depression, sometimes to a very drastic degree. Does it bug me when someone I know who thought I was somebody at some point and tried to friend me and get things from me suddenly disappears or doesn’t seem to want to know me the moment they get some whiff of fame or fortune. Sure. But then again not really.

People have lost their spirituality in a heap of celebrity ussies and posts about their awards or dead pets. I’m so tired of living in so bankrupt a culture. And my own participation in the social media scandal of today will be too participate only as an abstract. Remember autonomy? Remember integrity? Remember anything before NetFlix and the addiction of coming up with euphemism for the orange menance. I do. I think the Amish are onto something. This whole world of technology seems diabolical to me. It’s just a platform of the increasingly mentally ill. I do so enjoy writing in obscurity.

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