Scorpio 1° (October 24)


I woke up less spooked than I did yesterday. There was a tornado that crossed the Bourne Bridge apparently. Given our cheat fest I did not eat breakfast today. I need to let some calories go by. We had a marvelous conversation with a client whom I feel we really helped. Then we spoke to the financial guy on our new team to get some questions answered for our noon Skype with J+N. Well that went well. We seemed to be totally on the same page and the conversation went very quickly. There will always be trepidation when making any kind of professional arrangement with friends, the bonds of which you seek to preserve at any cost. That will always remain the priority for me with people I love, regardless of any business collaborations. It is amazing how nothing much really changes even with major news such as this. The truth is and always has been that money changes nothing really. I need to be so smart and so careful when it comes to this next phase of life. Still we did have another little cheat day and did toast to this new development, though cautiously not counting too too many chickens. We have a long way to go, and it will be years of working around the clock, to make this happen.

Pipe bombs. This is the day all these threatening packages were delivered. The DOW also plunged erasing all the gains it made so far this year. I’m not exactly sure what that means but it makes me happy on some level because the Embarrasment can’t brag about it any more. So okay. I put together the responses we needed to make to get the deal moving. I cooked a steak perfectly. I have call out to the doctor and I contacted Barneys about my Margiela fix that needs happening. N won’t be coming to London which is a bit of a bummer as I would really like to hang. I have a feeling we will be able to do some sort of last minute plan with P+M, probably, after all. That will be important. I am in one big long process of landing, softly. I need to stay very lean and very sane.

So, again, we put together all the thoughts on investment. The next thing to do is get things set up and ready to receive. Bank accounts and so forth and deciding on what structure this business will take. That’s all that can happen on that right now. Switching gears this is what I am looking at over the next two weeks. Okay so obvs I need to get these books into edit mode. I need to add info to the VSB grant about bringing specific people (sponsors) to town. I need to see if Maria will speak with us; I need to fill out final report for last year and scan all that needs scanning and include all the print receipts and so forth. I need to begin writing the show tomorrow, just a tiny bit at a time. I need to start sending get tix/save date. I need to get Excel sheet of venues to Brian. I need to devise my plan for outreach for Glow to both the artists and new venues. I have to promote the Oberon shows. And also do a last minute outreach to people who can give. I have touched base with the Museum School and also with Tatiana von Furstenberg, and I’m hoping to hear back from them soon.

The argument for Boston/Cambridge HQ. Lifestyle would be the keyword of this option. There would be more room to spread out, both in terms of office/studio, but also as we are talking about a less harried and populated existence. Walk to the Acela when needing to go to NYC, which shouldn’t be that much initially. We would be able to cover expenses with a combination of AC and WA and the new GF, ultimately. Silly things like being able to return to healthful practices. We would be working on the New England consultancy. And the proximity to Providence, which may be a great pool of talent, whould be super easy.



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