Scorpio 0° (October 23)


So I have a nevas on my eye. They don’t know if it is new or has been there. I have to circle back to my old doctor to see if he has some notes written anywhere on it. I’m not that concerned, however I do think it strange if it has never been mentioned in notes in the past. I seriously doubt that I developed in in the course of the last two years. It should be somewhere in notes, dating back to my first visit to the eye doctor. I do not feel like going back to that place…it was like an eye factory for old people and it really freaked me out. But the must unsettling this is that I woke up with an unstettled feeling. So it is that much more unsettling when you get unsettling news when you woke up feeling unsettled it’s like a circular feeling of dread. Sensing something was going to go amiss and it does. But of course it could all be a big nothing.

I am now very much in the process of bringing the books project home while I also get a handle on all the other work that needs happening in the next two weeks and a few days before we set off. We are only going to be in London for three nights which is fine; and chances are we will get to see P+M (I hope) on the Monday, but then again, perhaps not. I need to keep my eye (ha) very much on the prize now and really assert the agenda I need to assert. Tomorrow marks eight weeks out from the show and so that itself must be written before we get on the plane. I have a good outline for achieving that goal and I’ll start working that plan tomorrow evening. We have clients and product/financial meeting and I really will need to pace myself, energy wise.

We will have gone to vote this morning and then to take a drive to Orleans to run some errands and then to shop at Whole Foods. Post the appointment all I’ll want is pasta and so this will be the perfect cheat night. You need one of those once in a while I think. And I can’t think of a better time than to give myself the gift of flour and water. So many corners to turn this year. We are dancing on the head of a pin. The past needs sorting through in the form of every box stored in attics and basements, real and metaphorical. It is something that not only needs doing but what wants doing.

I need to sort out my feelings. And I need to plow through the work that is presently on my plate. This is the tricky part I have state filings to do. I have two more intros to write and then twenty four to edit. It will happen. It was funny that the doctor I saw today was called Murray. It’s a bit of a cosmic joke given the facet we have a Skype now scheduled with people of the same name, one even being a doctor. The turning of this point is painful. As is what can only be tendonitis in my arm. I think the most relaxing thing about this potential turn of events is the sense of relaxation it can provide. I think money is meant to make money. I know that is can happen. It’s funny that I don’t feel the way I thought I would feel. If anything I’m a bit preoccupied with preserving not using. But that is definitely not the way to approach this.

I will try to create a roll out for all that needs to happen and move onto more creative, higher thoughts. Things need to be put in a certain logical order and not become distracted or let things pile up. First on the list is posting this.

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