Libra 29° (October 22)


The last day of Libra, fall a third down—I’m looking forward to the next two. The first two of winter not so much. I would really like to go to the desert or LA for January then Paris for February to mid-March. Really work on the consultancy. But between now and then there is so much fun stuff to do.

I need to go through in/out to flag non Afterglow things, just so we know what sort of time/energy and dollars went into the festival proper. Artist framer printmaker. Have a printmaking studio plus stationers. I could learn framing. I would love to learn framing. Get money from Cambridge Savings. Buy things for people for gifts then sell them in the shop. Two pools of 100 people for the show. The first pool is to gather 10 of 10 to the show, luring them with their gifties. The second pool are those people whom we plan on gifting the book anyway. So we send them the book and we also just let them know about our show. It’s all of a piece. I will sit and draw it, the energy thereof. I like making my own faux modern art pieces dans le style de. I could create a little company called that. I could do a lot of things. I am never at a lack for ideas.

The Assistant List Beyond Creating Wikipedia Page. You just have to be available to the work Write to Tatiana/ Starting Wednesday Blague must start to equal newsletter.

At night I will finish up the Excel program for NEFA and Tour Outreach. Re visit Zodiac with a Z and Zodiac Code. Happiness isn’t a goal, it’s a byproduct—Eleanor Roosevelt. There is gold in them thar hills that’s for shitting sure. I am going to be a miner sixty-niner. I’m hoping for a bit of fun weekend after next. Three weeks nearly still before heading off to London. I will be focusing on my weight for sure. David Vermeuel is a dick fucker. My long lost big brother who became religious as a result of rehab. How fucking cliche. Bet you anything he voted for the lump.

The lump is now going after transpeople. My father used to call me sister that which is just horrible and unthinkable. Living beyond the binary as I’ve done pretty much all my life, I don’t have the benefit, now, of being squirrel friends with my gay male cronies who have each others to kiki with and who can blame them for not prioritizing me; while my straight male friends only sort of stretch so far in understanding who I am, stopping at a kind of reluctant Joey-Chandler embrace, metaphorically speaking of course. People in the community are really going to speak up and act up. this is not going to fly with the fairy folk overall. Ah the fairy folk. The real ones. I used to see them in Goofland down by the creek. Stoned immaculate. I’ve been wanting to use that phrase. I think I’m done.

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