Scorpio 13° (November 4)

All I can say is that I’m so glad I’m not a lawyer. That said mine is pretty fantastic. I don’t know how you keep your sole intact exactly but that’s neither here nor there. I will have a raw veg salad and a plate of meatballs, the latter of which I will be taking home with me. Depression and denial is surely ramping up a bit. I am going to continue writing up some character profiles: Pisces Woman: The switching of Zasz from Aquarius to Pisces just seems right. Whereas Aquarius can be so rigid (fixed-air = strong convictions but a certain inflexibility), a Pisces Zasz makes for a more fluid (mutable-water) individual, untethered to fixed ideas and opinions, allowing for more comlexity and growth in character; and, as we said, being as flawed as she is fabulous. The opposite-facing fish of Pisces has made its symbolism known, mainly, in “The Diva” of the Pisces woman individual. That word suggests a certain transcendent divinity, but we all know its prima donna conations as well. There is a fabulist element to Pisces, the sign motto of which is I believe that “you are whom you imagine yourself to be.” Many Pisces people, others suspect, might come from hifalutin origins, even a certain aristocracy, when the truth of their upbringing might be exactly the opposite. So, there is also the notion of self-delusion to play with. The most important thing to remember about the opposite-facing Fish person, is the paradox of their character. All the signs have paradox to their characters, but Pisces (woman especially) personifies paradox itself, almost everything about her being one. It is the sign of transcendence, as we say, but natives of the sign can also be pretty tragic. They are open channels, natural empaths. I think I mentioned they often seem to be gazing inward. It also explains why it is they often seek to anesthetize themselves. Pisces woman might be the most worshipped matriarch in a family, one to whom everyone goes for spiritual guidance, but she herself can be a little (or a lot) too susceptible to the substances—alcohol and pills to be specific. The sign’s planetary ruler Neptune represents the energy of dissolution, and Pisces are prone to want to dissolve their problems, fears, etc. with a little help from drink or drugs; when in fact the desired goal is for the Pisces herself to fully dissolve herself into life experience, becoming one with the proverbial all. It can be a hard shift to make. Perhaps Zasz goes through her own struggles, finds recovery, falls out of it, going “back and forth” being very much those opposing Fish. Because the Pisces empath, of all the signs, feels the pains of all the world, and the people in it most accutely, she is most prone to want to lose herself. And just as she makes the most profound spiritual being and guide, Pisces can be a siren whose call in promising that could end up making others feel at sea and drowning. (I think this is where that notion of “leading others astray” can ring astrologically true.) Pisces can also ask too much of others, wanting them to be this or that, being a) delusional about their potential and oblivious (also a very Pisces word) to their vulnerabilities and possible pitfalls, while b) never really truly, perhaps, practicing what she preaches.

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