Scorpio 12° (November 3)

Pig again tonight after another grueling day unpacking. This time beef stew by my lonesome. I am starting to formulate more thoughts: If one is an astrologer who consults clients, as we do, in private practice, then we are focused on the individual’s charts (natal chart, solar return chart, etc). Our branch of astrology is humanistic. So it is a different process reading a person’s charts, which is a pretty complex study, and “casting a horoscope” on a daily, weekly, or monthly level for all twelve signs. So it would be different processes for Z. As serious astrologers with a clientele who have also written columns for magazines, it’s kind of like being a full-time psychologist who writes inspirational, witty greeting cards in their spare time. I’ve been thinking about our conversation all week and have been putting these paragraphs together on the back burners of my mind. I don’t know if I mentioned this in our correspondence, but I wanted to say that there was actually a book called Sex Signs that was very popular in its time, by Judith Bennett. So you may want to see if there is any kind of conflict (probably not) but I thought I’d flag this. Bennett, though she had already passed away, was agented by our first agent. I know it’s a working title, and I think it’s a very good one, succinct and simple, but you might give thought to other options. I’m into the word constellation(s) and the suggestion that each of us are a sprinkling of stars—our Sun placement determines what sign we are; however, we have all the planets circled around our birth charts. And there is your notion of the graphics!! Still I get/like having Sex in the title. I’ve also thought Starring would make a good title for a show like this, the suggestion being that we (and all the characters) are stars.

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