Capricorn 13° (January 3)


We had quite a good time last night, I must say, with Tim and Billy. Some folks are so easy to be around; and these guys are so lively and smart and animated I’m just in love with hanging out with them. More of that puhlease! I mad a simple dinner we would eat on our own—roast chicken, salad, some sauteed cherry tomatoes and a delicious blue cheese and baguette eaten throughout. Then some cups of ice cream. Basta. We have a small entrpreneurial iron on the fire with Tim who has a wonderful shop in Provincetown of original products driven by strong graphics. He really has created his own language which we love; and we were there at the inception so working together will prove extra special. It came out over dinner that the death of a recent someone we all know might have been foul play. It’s one of those things we will never know. It’s not like you can google that shit. Today is one of those days when I don’t truly want the holiday party to end in a sense. In a way it feels like it’s suddenly the first time all our social obligations are cleared for a week, at least, and the tree is still up and we can just build a fire and sip delicious vino; we are watching a ton of movies and I am catching up on some series Stella had seen but I have yet to. Tim mentioned The Struggle which was a fantastic documentary and the atmosphere around here has been, as we generally put it, schmooey.

And so the re-runs of the first batch of Blagues ever to appear is here re-run so I can do less and be more:

Oh and remind me to tell you the stories, sometime, of when I was whisked off, on separate occassions, by different football teams, one Italian and one French, to some crazy doings at some wild establishments, both of which were on the Champs Élysées.

I remind you that when Marc Edmund Jones and Elsie Wheeler produced the Sabian Symbols, he had numbered blank index cards and shuffled them and held each blank card up to Elsie with the number hidden on the back. Yesterday, with lucky symbol number thirteen, I pointed out the first repeat of the twelve zodiac signs’ association through this system of 360° as another potential Aries big bang of An Unexploded Bomb Reveals An Unsuccessful Social Protest and, voila, today’s oracle for 14° Aries is A Serpent Coling Near A Man And A Woman, which is a Taurean fixed-earth Edenic image, so my theory of these sign-associations, in turn, continues to bear out. Needless to say there’s a lot going on in this image. It’s not a classic temptation scene of Eve and the Serpent, it’s more of an acceptance of that snake in the grass by both the essential male and female, yang and yin. Dane Rudhyar points to Ish and Isha (Adam and Eve’s Hebrew names, which, cmon, are fabulous) as encountering not a tempter but an “individualizer” in the form of the snake. Only the couple got cold feet and didn’t go through with it. But in this image, the story is rewritten: Ish and Isha—seriously, these are going to be my new pronouns in referring to people—are totally down with their pet snake.

I see spiraling DNA, thus evolution, in this image; I see Kundalini, therefore enlightenment, in this image. In both senses we are pointing at unconscious, essential forces that reside within us, potential but perhaps dormant. In the case of Kundalini, which the Upanishads describe as being coiled at the base of our spine like a sleeping serpent, it is something to be awakened. In its best light, the serpent brought the gift of consciousness, it was only Ish and Isha who turned that into self-consciousness. Rudhyar sees the acceptance of relationship by polarized beings here, stating, “there must be polarization before there can be fullfillment.” And this is something we preach to our clients (especially when we encounter planetary oppositions in their charts) as we find it to be a universal principle. Just as the presence of paradox in our experience often points to a breakthrough or breakout moment, involving some kind of awakening.

As an author who loves to explore the connection between the sexy and the sublime, the so-called gutter and the stars, the notion that unconscious, instinctual, libidinous energy lodged in our rootsiest chakra is what gives rise to blissful enlightement not only excites it just makes total sense. The serpent is the acceptance of the relationship between those two seeming polar opposites too—we are not seeking to transcend some baser self to reach enlightement, we are letting that natural, untamed, untapped force coiled with in us spiral up and power the awakening, without apology to some punishing God. Blasphemy. Not at all. Rudhyar calls it “the cosmification of desire”—Word—that is to say accepting, embracing our desire, including but not limited to our sexual desire, (which, c’mon people, is the impetus to life) as a sort of sacrament living within us that we must, by rights, let spiral up, and be the energetic anatomy of a transpersonal state, thus one devoid of ego. As westerners we’re not wont to believe that Christ consciousness could consist of desire of any kind, let alone a libidinous form. But we beg to differ.

Stella and I are always prescribing the notion of connecting our desires with our destiny, those two words sharing more than an etymological link. That is a cornerstone of our cosmic ideology. Desire isn’t want. I often say desire is like Lichtenstein or Monaco or Vatican City, it is a bit of real estate within a larger body that doesn’t belong to that body. I believe that desire is a portion of universal divine presence that resides within us—which is why we can’t choose or unchoose what our desires are. True desire. Again not want. The serpent symbolizes desire, but, you see, desire has been demonized. We do not accept and harnass the pole-to-pole power within ourselves, we see ourselves as conflicted, fallen, our desires being puppeteered by demons. The lizard kings of the world seek to supress and manipulate our true desires every which way; and organized religions that tell us we are sinners possessed by demons are the greatest tool to that end; putting us at odds with desire breeds frustration, which is a a negative power that can be harnassed as hate and militarized. Yesterday, we looked at how we might be timebombs waiting to explode, on some level; but how doing so would actually be counter productive to honoring our true, ever-unfolding desires. Today, we accept our polarizations so that we needn’t feel divided.

Over dinner last night Stella cracked me up. She launched into this routine employing the lingo of Scientology in describing her day to day doings and encounters with people and I thought it was so perfect and hysterical. Their whole concept of reaching different levels of “Being” via audits designed to become a “Clear”—which does the opposite of what that pseudo religion professes—meanwhile all religions are pseudo religions—because you cannot eradicate desire, you can only repress it further or release it. And we thought how great it would be if people just cassually tossed around Scientology lingo in describing the most banal aspects of their lives, taking the power and the piss out of that silly cult and its teachings.

So, on that note, I have to meet up with this total OTVIII yoga instructor right now who’s going to audit the crap out of me because I’m feeling like the biggest SP on the planet. I only hope that the complete Ish that does Bikram in his underwear isn’t there because he’s Fair Game if so.


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