Cancer 23° (July 13)

Flamboyant to a fault Matching colors patterns wildly blending high low fashion into a mulanje clothing of visible means of bucking societal conformity one is whom one imagines oneself to be paper phony couldn’t be further from his mind all the astrological signs Libra may have the most difficulty telling even the tiniest fib

zodiac’s consummate artist greatest living masterpiece doesn’t throw on clothes aren’t direct himself and his life hairstyle edgy fashion sense where G mushroom cuts valiant bobs coifed rocker ***** hair is often waving curly you may choose to leave it loose hippie chic aesthetic something decidedly foppish though avoiding he has orchestrated his appearance walking talking thoughtform imagination famously hyperactive before he can walk he’s performing myriad characters Needless to say this gives his parents pause at young age seems already to be acting not simply being himself. What his parents don’t realize is that these are himself the we are motto each and every side of his personality being catalogued into a formation of singular psyche he is that renaissance man Dan Lee in a multitude of arts and leisure interests his mind corrugated wall of characters from which he pulls his various faces but what sounds like psychosis is naturally psychological process for Libra no one part of him is phony in the least the word stems from art male born under this inanimate star sign but is it but is aren’t artifice or does it imitate life or vice versa he’s a living breathing exploration of these essential questions he represents life lived as sort of performance begging the question Could not the same be true for any of us admittedly organizing coordinating the course of cells makes up this naturally fasted personality

sex and sexuality

from the time he small outside of that outsized imagination personality antics labeling him special consider different or weird. When he hits adolescents sexuality enters the picture unable to compete especially physically with muscle heads or attracting girls enjoyed lavish companionship in his youth may suddenly find himself downgraded to a position of friend. At a disadvantage difficult scoring recognition As a sexual entity Mayfield himself all too balanced combination of traditionally male and female traits defending himself against barbs aimed at a seemingly dubious sexuality. Even straight Libra on the planet straitest will have sexuality called into question at some point during adolescence he may even wonder about himself . Attributing feelings of being different to an alternative sexual orientation . Simply suffers from the ongoing identity crisis a tendency that unfortunately contributes to making him an obvious target for gay male advances why unfortunately questioning that it is quest for self realization Libra boy will sexually experiment with other males on the instigation of an older boy who senses his searching nature. Libra looks elusive love in one form or another period while even straitest livable be a most gay friendly individual recognizing but maybe purely theoretical by sexuality the present both sexes support the argument that all people are inherently bisexual at least he might be among those fellows who took a good long look and other guys in the locker room intrigued by a 300 God like male form just as he is a lovely female all things being equal . Straight lybra rarely homophobic Eminem self directed sometimes the character adopts is a bad boy persona completely warding off that sensitive annuzzi and energy sending most leebron Linus is lounging for their security blankets only to turn around and support it in some sort of dramatic flourish. Artistic costume is in fact raw from the very fabric sense of inferiority he feels . Bells and whistles meant to distract from the real pain he feels beneath his artifice. Far too intellectually enlightened to judge others based on race Creed color sexual orientation. Labor believes it is a freethinking mind that offers in best chance of impressing others especially women. Not comfortable competing more typical ways he takes to the tennis court ski slope more readily than the football field he commits to nurturing his urbane qualities and hopes of scoring points who look to swim women who like to swim and culturally sophisticated pools. He is often unlucky in love someone so charming makes an entertaining date but the bone vivante isn’t always considered marriage material. Poised polished princely fresh from some finishing school of his own imagining . Simple answer isn’t because he can but rather because he often must as such behavior is a byproduct of the means for emotional survival he employed as a child he teaches us by example that we needn’t necessarily accept the station into which were born. We may draft her own design for living in keeping with our self expectations the flip side is hard pressed ever to feel satisfied with themselves and accomplishments. Particular challenge to appreciate current status if he wishes to see the value of his life continue to appreciate

page 301 living proof of the old adage that you must love what you have in order to get what you want this is the precise karmic paradox on which LeBron condition is predicated unfortunately the press notorious artsy approach to life doesn’t much impress the legions of women looking for security . He’ll always have girlfriends but when it comes to marriage he finds that women have a hard time committing. He is it launched once too much ideas hot air and not enough substance money . It will require a woman with foresight and a boatload of confidence to join with him. The faith a mate invests in him something he’s un accustomed to as his parents Pooh poohed his ambitions would ironically work like a charm and helping the poor profit from one of those many creative concepts. For better or worse Libra sees those he loves in the best possible light an idealized perception Yes the same lofty hopes for others as he does for himself making love ones feel less when they invariably fall short this is ironic

in a sense Libra picks up being pig malean where his predecessor Virgo left off Virgo wants to make a woman into his ideal chips away sculpting her Libre beholds woman As the finished artistic product like the tea on her pedestal admiring her until his loaded appreciation causes her to come to life and return his feelings. This is the power of love according to Libra he is drawn to statuesque monumental women Classic beauty perfect works of art can’t always easily win the affections of the world’s aloof estelas even Dickens story of beloved pip is a remodeling of the apollonian romance Smith of Apollo and Daphne honor but even the rejection is ennobling RWT


302 body rulership lower back lumbar kidneys appendix it’s kidney complaints lumbago kidneys perform a balancing act weighing an illuminating unwanted matter

libra’s love appreciation capable of profound transformation Admiring gaze women sees herself as a similac rum of expectations he keeps on her inspired to begin seeing yourself the same way love is empowering he doesn’t seem to foster dependency he wants those who loves to feel free and accomplished so they need less from him not more of course goodness and light only cast for shadow in a psyche. He takes everything in rationalize it compensates for disadvantage with outsize optimism Billy zodiac’s little drama Department Libra is both theatrical muses masks tragedy and comedy . For all his pollyanna ISM he has that much repressed disappointment half full half empty tales get back and forth

cardonell air mentally active forever drawing plans philosophes scenarios inventing scenarios all Lieberman are dramatists character forever in full swing continually out to achieve some objective he embodies we are and a relationship with him can feel I could do at her dance a thon that has gone on too long Daphne runs from Apollo ’cause he might be too much work. A lot goes on in the mind of this man Gaming with agendas . Added to which he is anxious impatient to accomplish good intentions Great Expectations. Everyday prepares sleeping fan Of activities fails to achieve ordered by scrupulous self demand disappointment is disregard his state of mind roughly half the time . As friends and foes of Libra know goes to extremes exuding talent and torment in equal measure life with Libra is tense he seems to thrive on tension Life is Teeter totter or rather tightrope propelling himself through the world in pursuit of increasingly lofty aspirations requires finesse apollonian grace serenity he can eventually get into the groove


struggle with idealism in relationship partner easily tumbles from pedestal **** ** himself and even fractionally so automate is enough to weigh on her. As appreciative flattering as he is he can be that much cruelty cutting . Apollos arrows delivered the most painful wounds imaginable. Lieber wrestles with most in life is his conflicting needs for freedom and commitment marriage and divorce both 7th house attributes often projects blame for this quandary onto a loved one when he feels stifled but too close for comfort circumstances his cake and eat it too

nor does he check his idealism in the bedroom sex for him must be beautiful the mood lighting so so cool blue haze akin to sign ruled Twilight his vision of love making is lyrical no fun bling their false starts slow erotic journey lots of crescendo and sweeping successful finish that should never leave him or partner wanting. Placing a tall order on himself he may be 2 in his head about performance as a result he indulges in lavish flop foreplay determined to gratify some woman early on If only as a preventative measure in contrast Aries the ram he uses his brain over whatever bron he might possess . The boy Venus is more erotic than carnal is bedroom operations tastefully artistic as to as opposed to blatantly pornographic. He is light surface iluva orderly improvisational kissing mouth neck ears expertly breathing sharp in relations or hot clothes awakening hidden erogenous zones master of soft touch barely tracing his fingers over woman’s body allowing her anticipation to play a part in arousal . He is most sexually intuitive of men seeming to function on the astral plane moving his hands over woman as if casting a psychic spell of excitement seeking to stimulate her or as much as her actual body parts months of lover to ride in great expectation before so much as ellickson nipple it never takes long for Libra to bring his lover thus formed up to orgasm specialty cunning linguist part of the oral slow steady deep stimulation mixed with unexpectedly quicken breezy touches plenty of space between applications that was creative tongue lashings despite what might seem like brilliantly manufactured form of lovemaking sex with him doesn’t get cleared pure passion


304 orderly manner he expresses himself sexually stems from a place of true feeling as in any successful performance he’s blessed with the ability to channel true order into a phone technique. If a woman is looking for a real good rogering he might not be the man for the job even when general general generously endowed Tommy Lee leaps to mind bound to equally share an experience of love making rather than taking the lead or giving a woman the lay of her life. Like Virgo engineered for tantric style lovemaking committing too slow if we build it you will come modis he and his partner attain ecstatic levels of pleasure more jokic approach to sex visions of sting leap to mind erotic in a deep transcend experience. The scales wise describe sexual goal goal oriented Ness from his thinking for if he’s going to suffer from any snafus pretty much or Jack elation were probably taught the list what the zodiacs perfectionist Blacks in staying power mix up for in repeat performances

he cannot abide mess in the boudoir barely tolerate rolling into a wet spot not wanting such a vivid reminder of what others simply consider evidence of a rousing good time advantages to being in his head: his mind surfaces is more a sexual organ Our little God of prophecy seems to nearly divide desire and woman touching her as would a painter knowing where to put the next stroke playing woman improvisationally like piano . Artful and attentive considers the pleasure of his partner in tandem with his own actually sympathetic to her or him that he makes sure the climax first same in all aspects of life: if he shares a sandwich he’s going to give you the larger half. It would be displeased him to be the cause of any one sidedness the I balance motto. With the brain being by far the schedule most powerful tools sexual or otherwise become so immersed in the erotic that it replaces real physical contact and tree Jesse is by no fuss no muss hands off experience . Classy strippers fun sex autoeroticism elaborate games of domination submission voyeuristic fantasies hardly bring domain. Projecting keratic expectations into the atmosphere sexual tension where it doesn’t exist. Even his platonic relationships can be charged and ambiguous big what if hanging in the air. Group sex too if it says we attitude. Typically though he will take the role of fly on the wall he’s a dabbler who believes that one should try everything at least twice he rarely becomes psychologically or emotionally invested in this uncommonly able to exit most scenarios unscathed particularly aroused by being used as an inanimate objects tool for a woman’s pleasure indeed nothing gives Libra More of a boost than a woman who can’t get enough of him using his phallus every which way for her own pleasure masturbating with him as a tool

305 to 307 blase cool blue vision Erotic activity Libra it doesn’t make a big deal out of sex . Aversion to rules scoffs at labels one of the truly bisexual signs of the Zodiac. Especially paradoxical in attractions. Feels very much in the middle placed in the role of mediator between his parents perhaps he learns to see both sides of the argument in the battle between the sexes and more often than not it’s in the middle that he’d like to stay browse tax he is prone to lightning three sons female male female or male female male having bisexual female partners especially thrilling possibility possibilities are endless with two women he may prefer to be all but ignore kicking back watching the action Unless he’s being used as that deldo. Also being in bed with straight couple there typically under the guise of sharing with a buddy same-sex contact would be accidental whoops he’s at once attracted to the status of men and the most ambiguous of women


His free love attitude doesn’t prevent him from having lifelong bonds another attribute of the 7th astrological house . Sex is beside the point quite literally often . As liberated and ambidextrous as he is his primary goal will always be unity with one individual . Far more interested in sharing and committed emotional life in the light of day than with actual then with what actually happens in the bedroom in the dark of night. When sexually ambidextrous he must bond with one person monogamously at least in theory and typically with a woman where is this gas guy is more likely in the most to experience of research on counter he is one ironically one of the least to self identify as gay . 7th House of opposites Libra finds it difficult to merge emotionally with someone of the same-sex. He worked worships male beauty physical attractions come easily but the end of the day two males and one household two piggies in a blanket seems redundant to him

gay Libra please open central policy that much more period of all gay men Libra his least naturally inclined towards their relationships. Attraction to straight acting appearing and indeed identified men find some hooking up with the most barely bisexual characters closet cases with him he shares home erotic rather than homosexual approaches to same-sex content. So many leaders first experiences are with an older supposedly straight invariably married man. With his pretty boy looks an AC/DC demeanor Libre as a way of making almost any I can still walk in the monster here his light attitude towards homosexual contact makes sense feel like no biggie no bigger a deal than a handshake or wrestling match. Can be quite the little Lolita in male form precociously provoking whatever submerged gay fantasy another man might possess since the scales himself isn’t looking to be somebody’s househusband the no strings attached sexual gender suits by curious mouse just fine

libra’s soft childlike looks attract dominantly inclined and the is open to exploring his receptive side he will ’cause this zodiacs compensator eventually seek balance by taking an aggressive position in bed. Still he likes his men to be men and so we usually earns jacksepticeye sex life spent on the bottom I need for ordering control prohibit him from ever being the consummate submissive however. He might be described as a power bottom aggressive bottom . His straight counterpart like his straight counterpart he likes to keep sex light and lively horribly adapt perhaps not especially talented in the deep throating Department 69 is standard sexual fair of all things being equal

drawn to suit and tie Conservatives plays his freelance virtuoso act deriving pleasure from being the wild or if not crazy or lover in the usual circle of friends. If he’s dragged his partner out of the closet he throws and shaking up the stodgy or dinner parties and business business gatherings to which is meat might invite him infamously candid comments and liberal political views . Artists were put on the earth to provoke feeling duty bound to capsize conformance codes of behavior never of color however typically ends up the life of the party. His attendant augments his lover’s popularity Libra is a beautiful reflection on his partner a power that he and his mate used two other advantages as well forever on the lookout for exciting new experiences Libra may from time to time hope to lure a third party into the bedroom willing to give his lover an Eiffel of his interaction with such a lucky stranger it’s a scenario his partner would be wise to welcome as with her without him liberal will look to spice up his sex life with an occasional infusion of variety


The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 541-545. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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