Cancer 22° (July 12)

The zodiacs renaissance man For him life is art approaches existence has a painter does a canvas

feels empowered to create world based on idealized vision Was driving 2 pin capture abstract realities he perceives as being out of humanities reach

naturally attuned to the ordered Don chaotic energies of the universe, highly principled and philosophical

he is a perfectionist not a Platonist focusing on conditions that might bring betterment for self and others

wearing rose colored glasses sets him up for great disappointment

Liberal in beliefs pioneer on intellectual plane puts him at odds with more stodgy aspects of society

Despite freethinking typically traditional in need for steady relationships

this doesn’t preclude extracurricular dalliances on thought or deed

Attracted to an independent female and intellectual equal I think he lives in harmony

maintaining separate spheres of influence with a mate

love for him is meeting of the minds woman must share his appreciation for highbrow ideals aesthetics and a sensual if not a theoric approach to sex

Same gender relationships take on brotherly quality prohibiting him from accessing deep romantic feelings

Keep things light with lover bombs smacking of glorified friendships far more homoerotic than blatantly hot and heavy

290 principle apollonian Live life order and reason concerned with building harmonious civilization beautiful ideologies repeat pleasing aesthetic . Sculps out his own character which he presents to world’s poise disciplined equitable his motto I balance and we are the latter expressing his penchant for perfect union

Sign in mind

Venus rule air sign Aesthetic energy astral mental social plane not on physical material one Taurus fixed feminine magnet beauty pleasure unity love. Libra cardonal objective masculine energy projects on intellectual plane Venus principles in abstract love grace beauty art balance harmony thoughtforms shiny ideals. Libra masculinized version of the goddess Venus as a boy. Superficially Cupid not only cherubic appearance but in combined energy Venus and Mars the Imps mythical parents love and war respectively incorporated into the Mail sign of Libra kicking off second half of Zodiac personifies switcheroo from basic layout in the first half their Aries masculine warrior Mars objective principle followed by feminine Taurus here flip side second half of Zodiac Libra objective male Venus following Scorpio portrays subjective female Mars . Libra higher octave septae of Aries Aries I am Libra we are both Trail Blazers Inspirit fire and ideas air

Cupid aside overriding archetype is Apollo God of light most vivid portrayal of libra’s exclusive cardonal air combination Depiction of a etheric power. Metaphorically enlightenment symbol of reason Apollo God of reason and order Venus as boy status well document by scholars a rather late addition to the pantheon Apollo assert but previously aphrodites special provinces including service of the muses as well as previously female domains as healing and prophecy. He is personification of classic platonic Hellenic civilization. Imposition of patriarchy on previously matriarchal one period Aphrodite denoted to goddess of love and beauty once Apollo hit the scene. Polo light contrast to helius sun

291 symbol glyph of Venus circle spirit above material cross represents divine mind mirror of Aphrodite symbolizes preoccupation with world of appearances as well obsession Obsession with self image one he seeks to alter by emphasizing positive qualities repressing repressing negative ones also sign quadron 3rd quadrant mental reception regarding concepts of existence the visible world is paramount for Libra he is embodiment of high the conscious mind little concern for what bubbles beneath weather in subconscious or laboratory test tubes for for him like this all goodness and light and casting a dark shadow


son anleo divine rule of Kings Libra is associated with democracy astral venusian high ideals we are power spread out evenly even if athenian democracy was male only. Balance. Shared power history will have it time and again reason is a universal power of the human mind overthrow monarchal roll. Leaver associated with dust and on Cool even light appearance of shining Venus contrast blaring high noon August Leah. Diffused light Libra ancient Hebrew equivalent Apollo is Lucifer the lightbringer later demonized as Satan Just as Apollo had his own shadow self Python God of the pit. Dane Rudyar jar once noted signs respond to the excesses of previous signs Scorpio personifies a backlash to the Libra’s idealized vision of life . Most are charmed by principle artistic leebron view of existence even though comes on strong like Patriot Apollo unapologetic Lee presiding over circumstance with inherent superior demeanor rarely ever despotic enough to justify any outright attacks against him . No matter how much of an imposer not an impostor though he may appear to be. Die hard diplomat energy of democracy civilized states require a president. The scales indeed represent the apollonian principle in universe defined as well balanced poise ordered and disciplined. Leebron men Embody these attributes 7th house home to harmony quality cooperation agreement for Libra order is all first order of the day.

292 sign glyph Libra emblem is the planet Venus the morning and evening start is also read as the scales themselves the only inanimate symbol in the Zodiac sunrise sunset leiper likewise give an impression of being unreal or just too plain Good or talented to be true depending on whom you ask where is Libra woman ways others scales for judgment Libra man seeks to find balance with himself also element and quality cardonell air labor best illustrators light indeed beaming character Libra is determined to shine as best he might crafting most dazzling qualities into brilliant character some consider him of beacon of idealism others a superficial lightweight


The number 7 is employed as the number of order in the universe 7 heavens vices virtues shop pres notes to a scale the scales divine from music of the celestial spheres. 7 is Apollo sacred number he drove a chariot of Seven Swans light is made up of Seven colors. Libra cannot abide the darker more chaotic chaotic subconscious side of life by not to mention Flying off the handle should a pipe spring or someone throws a monkey wrench into the schedule to his mind anything Alice is just self absorbed wallowing his focus is on Uber conscious notions. The world of light visible existence enlightened ideology is his domain . Here he finds more than enough to occupy his time and energy little new delving into the realm of the subconscious. Has a snap out of it approach to other peoples problems. Tends to ignore his own darker feelings. Being so light side oriented he casts that much more of a shadow which at some time must be reckoned with. Meanwhile rebels in light of day world that have appearances limited himself to any area of interest particularly in the realms of liberal or Fine Arts. Personification of apollonian principle he is bound to immerse himself in objective creations beyond things just as he vividly illustrates the exploration of of ideas. It tends to be talented in a great many areas the word talent stems from the Latin talentum meaning balance without necessarily specializing in any particular one thing. Laying claim to numerous disciplines raises more than a few eyebrows dabbler lightweight dilettante. The medium through which he channels his talent is beside the point ; To his mind all his poetry weather writing music painting decorating design. Lyricism is a liberal keynote and though if you were to forever seek to uplift the spirit this relates to our new idea about psalms . He can’t help but radiate those planetary principles . He brims with notions that add more beauty harmony balance equality blah blah blah to human existence John Lennon all you need is love love is the most basic form appreciation here love is on the mental plane is what we want to say we’re talking about appreciation

293 polarity embodies quality element Libra man is a beam of light a projection of ideas or walking talking fought form

focuses on drawing out what is inherently good in any circumstance improves situations leaving them far more better than when he found them the 7th house among other things one’s strongest personality traits we need to explore the houses even more as the 7th sign Libra ushers third quadrant of the Zodiac. Level of the mind and existence perception thereof. He is himself an idea the only inanimate symbol in the Zodiac principles that define his character strongest personality traits those he shows to the world . Labor is focused on the cultivation of a character sense of principle quality as well as the development of an eccentric persona or distinct persona typically both. The zodiacs artist all in one way or another we are beings of our own divining . Some Libra adopt an over the top alter ego. Sting flea usher Eminem Jelly roll Morton meatloaf John cougar mellencamp Snoop Dogg Buster Keaton gotcha mark lukudu CA EE Cummings John Lennon the walrus. Fascination with characterization Led to many libra’s becoming playwrights Miller wild O’Neill enter Eragon Elliott TS Fitzgerald Faulkner Gore Vidal Sherman Capote Shel Silverstein At all. Despite outward disposition libra’s hide dark side eventually threatens to undo them. Views himself subjectively systematically invents an image based on what he sees as finest characteristics and polishes that into a shine . The mirror like lift symbolizes leaders ability to look at himself from subjective perspective. Anti apollonian imbalances will have to be tweaked. He masks the pain he feels had being deficient 7th house is also that which one lacks talk more about the otherness of self that would be a good thing to do


Cosmic number of order musical scales 7 notes 7 days of creation 7 virtues deadly sins pillars of wisdom sacraments heavens Seven Sisters the pleiades daughters of Aphrodite Venus goddess is of justice light is made up of Seven colors Also 42 to 49 age of enlightenment time when man is polished in his accomplishments libra’s case all his life into a brilliant Sheen Focus for him is on being a renaissance man and across the board great talent from artist to thinker to connoisseur of all things asthetic


Libra male child typically born to bickering parents rear data time in their lives when they were at odds Cardinal air child precarious labeled a mini adult early nod to signs Association with age is 42 to 49. Sees his parents and everyone else is equals. Many children cower when faced with parental conflict Libra boy wants to mediate ameliorate situation. May sit parents down secret conciliation. Attempts to harmonize are they usually work at least on the surface period from early age he begins to believe that all difficulties can be smoothed out family life may look rosy on surface but tensions lurking underneath. Tension endemic to walking any type rope emotional or otherwise would actually necessitates the Libra voice acquisition of balance. Just as female counterpart is typically a child of divorce giving rise durability cut people from her life so to retain equilibrium with alleborn Mail on the other hand sees his parents do together rather learns to justify rationalize strike balances within given circumstances even within his own psyche focused on keeping the peace presents himself as a goody goody che parents will instead be source of pride and appreciation Itself a two way St. Putting on a mantle of the perfect child he hopes will make his parents happy trying to appear the ideal child become a fusspot if not worrier. Afraid of underlying tensions sticks close to home becomes especially tide to his mother’s apron strings hranicky at leaving the nest. He fears not being on hand to mediate difficulties when they arise. Tap dancing even at a tender kindergarten age become aware of his own pretenses do you really love Maine he wonders distracted parents but also his own inkling that he isn’t quite showing them or anybody his true self. Retelling of medieval tales of the oaf literally defined as a child substitute or impostor place instead of a real child adopted by elves fairies witches . The boy robot David and spielberg’s AI is very leebron Archtype. Coming along this parents life when their marriage is hanging by a thread David meeting beloved is programmed to be the perfect child and love his parents unconditionally.


295 psychology emotionally inflexible life should fit into boxes which it rarely does overly idealistic refuses to look at the darker aspects of himself bone vivante ISM can be pathological tends to overindulgent drugs alcohol may fall prey to sensual addiction Suffers repression on this score as well as with any number of emotional traumas which might lead to depression


In so doing he only ever seemed to see parental love eluding him his words believe that he can make everything right the scales parents typically stick it out at least for appearance sake Venus signifying internal unity something to strive for victoriously unable to let go of situations peoples obstacles in his life feels that there isn’t anything that cannot be worked out

Libra is attracted to feminine beauty from a young age preferring friendship of girls while avoiding rough and tumble world of male bonding rituals strikes apollonian sensibilities as disorderly and crude . With puberty however things switch female friends given to their pheromones in focus on or physically overt males leaving the somewhat androgynous Libra suddenly in the cold period shunned even ridiculed by other males who may label is artistic tendencies artifice part and parcel a big not a real functioning boy a feat if not feminine and now girls ignoring him as well Libra finds himself at odds. as the masculine reinterpretation of Uber feminine planetary Venus artsy apollonian male caught in the balance of world divided strictly along gender lines . He will try to find his niche searching himself for infamous strong personality traits anything outstanding that might win him recognition A place in the social pantheon. He makes concentrate on cultivating so distinct an individual character he fears and hopes to avoid being relegated to the nether regions appear oblivion talents become his focus he means to make a mark with any accomplishments he might display

He’ll make up with stylist declare that which he lacks in manly appearance if mankind lived in a jungle Leo with his survival of the fittest attitude … A world built upon ideals and apollonian rules of Democratic civilization striking less natural man such as labor is able to thrive. Characteristically wild Ian Hopes to trump any inborn human at the game of life and the game of love. May experience a sense of self loathing which he represses not feeling naturally equipped with such endowments as major muscles and broke it lettuce ISM . Makes deep seated disappointment beyond and insouciant demeanor . He strikes attitudes as his best defense hence feeling down and out reinvention His best weapon in a doggy dog environment adopting a bogey long persona Libra seeks out those Venusian pleasures trademark bons mots courting beau monde.

296 archetype in myth Apollo God of light original renaissance man music art law poetry reason prophecy guilty of empiricism civilized provinces once goddess ruled like Lucifer God sees the world with apollonian principles seeks to civilize the world most famous Apollo myth Daphne feminine nature’s refusal to be civilized by masculine ideology sooner star herself turned into a Laurel brainy Apollo bore the leaves around his head still symbolic of honor evidenced by laureate. So many Apollo myths see him rebuffed.

Body + Soul

Most vivid character on the block naturally animated features exaggerated expression whimsical style of dress stands out in the crowd. Eternally youthful more cute than classically handsome appear almost cartoonish if not comical in appearance priding himself on development of personalized style babyface dandy bounce around town popping seamlessly in and out of social settings easily adapting cleverly wardrobe. taller and leaner than other men in his family manages to look Cherubic . His face is round and rubbery hi hairline hair curly wispy face dimpled eyes deep set fleshy folds of his lids flatten nose almost without cartilage mouth like QB slight frown Cupids bow baby poised on the brink of crying. Despite a muppet Y appearance something melancholic sad clown about him. Possession of exceptional width is his birthright pleasantly classically listening to others and then interjecting well placed one liners master of word play innuendo irony double entendre it may take others too catch up. Loves to socialize more apt to say he hates to be alone few people get chumir faster than he embracing strangers if they were long lost kin instinct to be inclusive in all situations being so gregarious a creature often misconstrued as a superficial partygoer by more serious minded folk


297 Bible literature drawn on the character of Lucifer meaning bearer of the light stick Prince of power of the air fitting the science Cardinal status morning and evening star sought to overthrow the sun’s center of the universe rivaled God Elias Greek helios Lucifer sought to bring power to mankind build an enlightened civilization Lucifer we see liberal liberal underdog seeking an exalted position literary prototypes Charles Dickens hip in Great Expectations pip meeting seed points delivering desire to impregnate the world with high ideals upstart Luke Skywalker with his Saber Luciferian to the core

Loneliness and depression Are not unknown to him considered it to be rude to brood in public well accustomed to switching off darker strings of his soul. Nearly pretty in appearance rounded musculature contributes to a kewpie doll countenance shoulders especially can be curved and narrow somewhat barrel chested torso truncated and softer proportion TM long lean limbs Libra generally short waisted with slender hips narrow pelvis short and lower back the hinge region ruled by his sign A balancing point between upper and lower bodies correlate to many alleborn man suffering from sciatica lumbago kidney complaints. Less hairy than other men in his family what body fat is he does have will be downy soft and light hued. Rather flexible excelling at graceful sports gymnastics dancing wrestling hard to pin down physically as he is psychologically private parts are rather textbook in nature being amply endowed with rarely overly so all pink and pretty League constructed never distinctly dark or deviously wrought in any way shape or form.

As much cute and cuddly teddy bear of a man often has a hard time being taken seriously when he’s bone thin there’s always something a little doughy boy about him private him prohibits him from ever appearing purely lanky. Signature lack of beard can take two days to grow 5:00 o’clock shadow Apollo is never pictured bearded further enforces air of artificiality not surprising particularly suspect two other men even when women find his conversation entertaining. Often other guys are quick to consider him no real man Labeled that symptomatic of notorious is interest in aesthetics pre destined inability to divorce himself from the Uber femininity of his planet Venus because Libra is masculine polarity he projects plenty of male aggression. But he does this on the cerebral and verbal level as many men Find confrontational especially when coming from a floppy muppet doesn’t help that Libra so terribly driven in creative endeavors those that strict macho characters might tag frou frou on top of everything else liber is no sheep and die hard conservative conformists tend to resent his naturally liberal outlook on life . If there’s one thing Libra believes and he’ll have you know it is that he special a total original. Having lovingly embraced and foster a standout personality traits Libra cloaks himself in these distinctions that blanket toting peanuts character Linus comes to mind a quintessentially leebron male archetype idealistic intellectual but with ultra sensitive and insecure who like Apollo is distinguished as a great orator shedding light on situations by extracting their true meaning linosa name derived from the Greek felinos meaning flaxseed was indeed a son of Apollo the God accidentally killed in sport something of which Charles Schultz may have been aware

page 298 in classic literature malibran character pip seed Dickens Great Expectations contrast to Ares original actual seed this is on the intellectual plane apollo’s domain of prophecy is one in the same as having Great Expectations minus two had loft lofty prospects waiting for that pumpkin

He’s a pip all right even in a corporate hive will exhibit flair fashion sense pushes the envelope whimsical retro all his panache may seem too forced opposer startingly archetype truth to the sons of Apollo being imposing like him taking on What were previously female attributes under girly goddess rulership. He isn’t the Bush the bushes dresser on the block Wildean

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 536-540. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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