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body and soul

Unmistakably guarded dubious disdainful of others socializing interacting with a store clerk. Suspect expression Leaning nearly backward avoid breathing the same air as someone else. It comes off looking suspicious himself darting eyes unwilling to make contact transferring weight uneasily from side to side . Dismissive of anyone who doesn’t know well notoriously rude impressions where even if most casual cherry interchange . Either idle chatter especially seems plastic in pony symptomatic of a world that he resided Lee perceives as being run by pretty by empty headed former football players and cheerleaders yet unlike Scorpio Virgo is an outsider who nonetheless doggedly tries to find its useful place within society he makes a showing if only to scout his way through social gatherings

this is an befits rulership 6000 critical analysis in role of critic he performs function of perfecting cultural environment praising this Pooh poohing that actively judgmental rippingly caustic or even hilariously biting dry wit a wizard at whispered one liners wincing laughter . Virgo adops heir of expertise people naturally trust his social judgments finding themselves subliminally imprinted with his critical decrees. Gemini infomaniac earth sign tends to be less newsy and superficial and rather more profoundly entrenched in facts and figures persnickety Virgo would make the consummate jeopardy contestant. Demeanor Snooty in fact wagging so sharp a tongue indeed there comes a time when he must choose to channel energy he puts into forming opinions of others into more productive pursuits

255 Bible literature Kane the equivalent of the Greek professed as being both Smiths and Potters who work in volcanic forges God marks cain’s juice made in Festus Lane scholars scholars claim he might Smith self inflicted leg injuries as an initiation rite came story is one of wavering conscience aptly named job caught in the bargain between God and the devil tail of The Alchemist doctor faustas as well the morality play everyman explores the theme virtue versus vice Harry Potter is modern alchemist disenfranchised with kid bearing the mark of good or evil zeus’s trademark lightning Bolt


often a creative genius who finds Great satisfaction Working with hands demonstrating mutable earth status as an artist and sculptor metalworker crop Inter Potter also as an arranger composer filmmaker film editor novelist choreographer compositional masterpieces. Even when trades a perfectly pressed suit for smythies apron never completely quit rolling his eyes a list of Virgo men reveal like so Peter Sellers Elvis Costello Paul ruins proper plague Stephen King Hugh Grant Peter Falk Leonard Cohen Leonard Bernstein shrewd sardonic somewhat cagey lot can’t help but come across as slightly skewed if not suspect despite widely recognized genius


if you spot a serious fellow it looks like he’s been sucking on a lemon reluctant to be wherever he is at any given moment typically is Virgo generally large creature either exceedingly tall and willowy or undeniably solid and hunky sallow skinned billias nature anatomical Association with liver and Gallbladder peevishness apparent in demeanor krusty countenance though decidedly upper presti . Mirrors verse on mutable mantled account containing the planets molten core furnace of his patron Vulcan if not fiery depths into which faustas may have been flung. despite attempts at a disinfected disinterested veneer it’s clear Virgo man Contains hidden fire latent creativity sexual combustion both . This lends him a complexed disposition and intensity sense of inner turmoil to which a keen admiring I might chalk up his usual condescension seeing through defenses to his infamous fear of intimacy wishing to quell it . He may act eternally dejected frightened out of his wits by life in this way so conscious and playing on the sentiments of those friends and lovers forever trying to reassure him the world is not all that bad. 9 times out of 10 trying to cheer Virgo up would be like getting Hephaestus to tango knowledge of the world and its less than rosy workings practically paralyzed Virgo emotionally and the comparison doesn’t end there. Virgo brings to mind iconic shot Elvis Costello album cover scowling and it just support his weight read worldly burden After image no matter how Buffy gets often quite the little gym buddy Berg West torso sits atop slender even spindly legs

256 bone structure remarkably sturdy muscles thick gnarly not smooth and sinewy square shaped head with heavily lined brow high hairline like all earth signs make a bald early in life course consistency and youth to feathery finnas as we reach is middle age. His face is stern and ride all the more Stony by close to use deep set eyes long BP or beefy knows. Sexy sneer sunken cheeks suggest antithetical pointing store disposition. Always something of the night owl about him pasty skin dark circles around eyes deep crease nasal folds jowls uncontrollable stubble. Typically dresses the part wearing lots of dark clothing black compromises the bulk of his wardrobe suits to jeans to boxer briefs. Regardless of profession one might suspect works in fashion an industry that does boast about large population of critical I’d Virgo as he donned usual Penguin uniform as many in the business do white shirt black everything else year round sunglasses decide to walk Ward off catwalk glare. Spends money on hardcore names Mercury ruled cousin Gemini o’curran however were that 50 air sign super trendy Virgo is one of la modes cognoscenti often opting big ticket European Asian labels poking upper body barrel chested big ribbed nonetheless tapers Janeiro soft midsection blubbery if left unchecked often hairy wiry rather than wispy here suit in the extreme sometimes. Though thin legs Anas or strong any attempts of buffing them to match the rest of his body yelda worked ripped look. Much to his delight Virgo tends to be amply endowed Enjoying above average length circumference balls typically uptight as disposition hands feet heavy beautifully bowed head worthy of rodans attention long muscular meaningful finger suggest artistic as well as sexual deafness. He exudes fear addition expertise on many levels only natural to assume he’d be erotically adept as well. Here we see the most blatant manifestation of the Virgo males virginity he has less actual training that he’d lead you to believe and he takes the same poser approach to sex as he doesn’t so many other areas of his life

sex and sexuality

Infamous svengali streak become involved with women he can mold to his critical vision Escaping scrutiny himself. Even In teenage he may enter in relationships with girls who seem unfortunate taking them on his projects projecting his Virgo structure. Somewhat patronizing blatantly instructs his charge to adopt such behavior attitude and appearance as well better her station And reflect favorably upon him. Being born Virgin means moral judgments are severe he expects female worthy of his interest to have a spotless reputation sexual or otherwise. When young he’s already the little male chauvinist pig malean putting girlfriend on pedestal from which she dares not topple. He seeks a Paragon of virtue etymological connection to Virgin notwithstanding. He may choose an outright guttersnipe to sculpt in his Gallatin vision he expects obedience to his moral mandates espousing a Madonna horror vision of female kind. With so much energy put into making over a girl in his image of more moral and physical flawlessness precious little left for loving her let alone lusting after her . His partner may feel at once inadequate and sex starved until she jumps from her pedestal into someone else is open arms . Mighty Aphrodite the very embodiment of sexuality ditch is hubby Vulcan for a fling with lusty Ares choosing to be objectified rather than petrified. Repeating svengali patterns in bond after bond is one form of torture virco inflicts on himself he may find payoff for this pathology in a woman seeking desperately to be mentored by a man As he is to execute such edification A habit from which he often never breaks free. Many women invite patron edge especially from one so urbane and well connected as Virgo who will make her feel she has it made hooking up with him. It is his proficiency as much as his leering good looks that attracts a woman in the first place like Vulcan forever crafting other gods weaponry it is natural for him to be in Service 6th house to loved ones but also runs risk of being used as a stepping stone buy smart cookies looking for shortcut to success serving as a vehicle for a woman’s ambition instead of serving as one for himself .

Page 258 he will get a sense that something is missing which maybe true she may later through the dearth of nukie in his face using using it as a bargaining chip when she inevitably finds sex elsewhere and seeks out from the relationship. There is a punching bag aspect to his personality

another sort of woman he attracts is a wee wifey type, With no great aspirations of her own Where he makes all decisions what she eats or wears pour injects into her lips . Erie how molding a woman out of clay can be so literal. She will let herself be reconfigured buy him who’s need for perfection takes on a real manifestation. Like Vulcan cuckolded by Aphrodite makes his own little doll Pandora all given Versus all giver. playing his little Dolly convince herself she’s fulfilling his fantasy when in truth she’s doing is disabling the teetering Virgo more by indulging his whims and demands he becomes indulgent not only increasingly magisterial but also more compulsive in general even reckless in food and drink and sex. With a Pandora in the picture virgos vices come flying out of the box his Madonna for complex may be exacerbated demands a lover to look pure as dante’s Beatrice but remain malleable in the bedroom I was a paid upfront puta.

259 true satisfaction eludes him until he learns to turn his wizardry onto himself. Too often Virgo takes an easy way out tinkering with his own appearance rather than delving into the furnace of his complicated psyche. All the men in the Zodiac he’s the most ardent plastic surgery guy deep rooted fear of aging and mortality obsessions often through compulsions that he finally arrives a major turning point in life or he forgoes superficial ways. Like Vulcan flung by Zeus from Olympus Virgo man must hit rock bottom wallowing in disgust and dissatisfaction with circumstances being forced to stillness and introspection Where his true genius lies lameness giving rise to godhead it coming a conduit for serviceable productivity. Virgo has trouble keeping scheduled appearances often late a no-show hiding out screening or not returning calls. And then the disappearance acts.

Virgo usually resurfaces better than ever going into a hole like some Eleusinian Iniciat facing issues surrounding mortality. More time in solitaire E mode take refuge in a monastery of his own making cloistered lifestyle that runs contrary to previous participation in the world of external trappings. Take vow of chastity and hopes that abstinence will purify his tainted soul. Solace in her medic state makes sense: the term is derived from patron God of alchemists Hermes who staff the caduceus possesses the power to turn base metals into gold Virgo man must get the lead out wave a helpful 1 Dover himself reading his psyche of base thoughts and habits finding a wholesome vocation that will make him feel useful inspiring devotion to his own callings as opposed to criticizing endeavors of others. In short he must discover his talents where he shines feels Golden . Undergoing this transition which hits around middle age typically he makes drastic sweeping changes assuming 2 Matt is a monk roll Virgo self imposes tavia rules regulations indeed punishments depriving himself of even the slightest indulgence.

260 body rule abdomen Region Intestines Gallbladder spleen Mercury rules the brain sensory organs reflexes thyroid controls physical changes growth intellectual development


His phobias disease death degradation Short of bringing back the hairshirt some pompous piety to be another pose one more unfruitful incarnation to thwart his full self realization. He avoids humility his soul saving grace only by removing the chip from his shoulder acknowledging imperfections loving himself in spite of them can they begin to love others purely and unconditionally. By embracing his assignation as a Mensch Virgo learns that he appeals to quality partners. This earth shattering realization Seasons intimate feelings of disenfranchisement as an asset that is a built-in ability to keep a healthy distance in relationships it is Association with 6000 health and healing he adopts the mindset of someone in service doctors social workers charity volunteers for whom emotional attachment is counterproductive yielding only suffering. This attitude with which he was born This is the attitude with which she was born it just takes half a lifetime to re discover how properly employment only then will he catch the eye of self sufficient woman man who sees in him the opportunity for healthy unlocator OK relationship where might share the luxury of loving detachment. Little wonder Falcon With high maintenance Aphrodite shared a temple with Athena the embodiment of female independence. The combination of Virgo man and Aries woman Perka type is a classic one both patron gods of Craftsman worship together this model relationship is enabling at its core for a vote gets tired of being exploited by those flighty aphrodites and he’d be lucky to settle into an Association with a strong limit there’s a set agenda and individual spheres of influence

even when all systems are go Virgo skepticism may hold him back from taking the sexual plunge tends to be fearful proving lousy or worse so so in the sack expertise is the very least Virgo expects of himself but rather than practicing his greater perfection he often adopts in it and adept’s air Skirting the whole issue continuing to live like a Virgin . This is why he generally prefers lovers with far less experience than themselves so in comparison you’ll see masterful sovereign adept instructor. He believes love and affection should be unspoken issuing talkie cloye relationships. His mind must remain uncluttered and clear to focus on personal projects whether making pottery or volunteering for the peace core getting his PhD he prefers environment alone or with a partner that is quiet meditative and Zen like

261 same with sex wants to take it slow appreciates a woman who likewise settle into leisurely pace not to say he won’t welcome proactivity in a partner just so long as no demands are made of him. Hope’s lover will take responsibility ability for her own pleasure he welcomes the woman on top position. Gets off on being viewed as an instrument for his mates enjoyment happy to be the necessary tool To that end grateful not having to be a traditional male aggressor. Not that a sexist drive isn’t strong it’s just that it doesn’t always manifest in typical male way. He may be considered lame by someone looking to play the sexual submissive since his dormant volcanic libido requires proper stoking to get fired up. At the appointed time he will like Vulcan hammer away driving his lovers orgasm home . Has tremendous staying power and the earth may indeed move while she’s so diligently poked. His Association with the six types of work inhabits Virgo text to do full approach to sex choosing and sticking to a routine that works for him. Not want to soak the sheets no fuss no muss Virgo clean freak squeamish about funkiness in the bedroom. Still given pension for regular sex can take an original significance thereby becoming a means of reinforcing and some defining bond with a woman. And besides put himself in autopilot keeps Virgo from getting too in his head second guessing his performance subjecting himself to critical analysis

few men are better with their hands than Virgo same might be said for his mouth would be applied his workman’s pathic to oral duties as well Alas he’s not always willing to oblige referring to uses increasingly calloused fingers with alacrity to make a partner howl with pleasure likewise he doesn’t make oral demands though he’s willing to let his lover indulge in any such fixations she might have period Virgo experiences orgasm as a full body sensation feeling extended buildup unlike with many men will see him shaking and precursory waves before we actually even erupts and with proper breathing exercises he’ll find orgasmic . Can be drawn out longer period whether or not he puts a label on it sex with Virgo has a tantric quality very much about prolonging pleasure and trying to achieve sustainable ecstasy . Sex becomes a vehicle through which Virgo learns more about himself as with any habitual practice he generally goes deeper into the experience each subsequent time thus emphasizing the importance of a city partner as well as the steadfast routine though sex for Virgo is generally separated from procreative purpose of all the men in Zodiac he’s the least interested in father hood he really has sex for sex sick. Doesn’t sleep around paying for sex in his particularly out of the question for so sanitaria skinflint . Bachelorhood is preferred outlet for frustrations of female friend or acquaintance from whom he has no real affection but who will most likely fleet him more for free whatever it strikes his fancy no reciprocation required. Even in relationship Africa often Jumped by his lover as like his neighbor Leo he can go for long stretches without sex and may need to be forcibly reminded of his partners needs in the meantime he doesn’t like to talk about his exploits and rarely reveals even the slightest detail to close friends to the zodiacs version Sex cannot help but be a rather sordid affair as it is he barely likes doing it with the lights on preferring to see himself engage in this most basic human functions with gauze Vaseline lens

despite sanitized vision Virgo as a wild fantasy life body are impulses he cleanses himself above come back to haunt’s imagination. More kinky longings are generally to deeply buried in a psyche that can barely be aware of them the range of public liberties he might well process. Is more deviant desires done peacefully surface to certain points to virgos life that they might come forth with signature volcanic vengeance . One classic Virgo thing is watching specifically entails observing an attractive heterosexual couple having sex predisposed to curiosity about the male and female dynamic sign of Virgo synthesized mother fixation father fixation into generic parental fixation Virgo no great turn on then seeing those naturally komposit human forces in action. On more but now note tends to project parental dynamic onto platonic friendships those with couples stops us their friends all mutable signs are androgynous to some degree with Virgo rather slightly asexual this traditional patron planet is named for the bisexual God Mercury the original hermaphrodite. Whether by virtue of Hermes or Festus virgos don’t feel as manly as all that he appreciates the power of machismo and a man just as you thrills the most feminine of female companions. The delight he feels in witnessing a combination of the two wings of the title of the zodiacs preeminent arm chair voyeur sophisticated visions of corruption creep into his mind fantasies that focus on the depredation of innocent proper females musings that incorporate a degree of social decorum all very DH Lawrence Virgo of course if not so slightly story of O

page 263 to 265

On the flip side envisions himself to based object putting himself that mercy of a dominant woman can play out number of submissive tendencies. Humiliation fantasies abound regardless of which side of the spanking he lands on an element of degradation in voyeurism especially wishes to watch his woman get on with another man Cuckholded signature Virgo desire the zodiacs Vulcan cannot but wonder what is mate might look like And I like being rogered by decidedly more aggressive mate an image that it wants excites and torments him

Virgo is one of the more gay signs straight Virgo bound to have home neurotic homoerotic ronins in his life often suspected of being gay even when not due to a natural somewhat feminine soft spokenness . He gets mistral satisfaction from close relationship with the best male friend typically lifelong pal with him he’ll play a wifey role advising or lecturing images and Oates along self help lines. Virgo can’t help but fall into preaching caretaking behaviors the basis of his heterosexual bonds naturally appears different another guys. He finds closeness with other men work into the way women generally bond with each other that among other attributes may make him appear gay even when he straight a new thought is he is the fruit fly progress by their nature if not actual behavior invite suspicion urban legend Richard Gere that Journal this is do Artemis defensive demeanor others interpret as a shiftiness immutable earthiness makes him hard to pin down indeed nobody is more chameleon than Virgo which may or may not be true Virgo and no virgos more chameleon than a gay Virgo sexually software from an early age views relationship with men typically older ones as a way to mend his disenfranchised feelings elevate his station In deference to alchemist archetype he could become a real gold digger exhibiting particular appetite for foraging is going to a rich boyfriend’s deepest pockets. Virgo regardless of sexuality have been known to fabricate whole pasts to support whichever character there currently playing typically gave Virgo will want to appear young cultured protege to an older richer man in his image he’s petitioning to be molded rarely does the young gay Virgo choose to bestow his affections on a lover of his own age or one with neither social standing nor beefing bank account just as this more maturing years he made take up with market the younger lover whom he can similarly sponsor.

In a gay relationship startling manifestation in middle of mutability Completely conform to lovers vision of perfect partner compliant Eliza Doolittle only out of dry becomes wrapped up in his lover’s life working for his boyfriend purchasing property together anyone’s going to have an airtight palimony agreement you better believe it’s the gay berko. So total and entanglement enters becomes that much more of an obstacle when seeks to fulfill his true purpose self made man holy blade Batman analogy fault difficult to break out of **** Grayson roll and spread his fledgling wings under the auspices of Bruce Wayne like benefactor. The breakups can be the messy list on the astrological block.

Geiberger quite the little conformist neither be it’d be dominant in their submissive one’s foot every free Wheeling burger wants lots of ******** with little effort or involvement. Still magnetic mentors to whom he’s drawn Make more demands on him than he readily volunteered to perform . So it becomes a trade off focus really years to weigh how much he gets from the relationship against was willing to give compromise the gotiations everything in his life has some price tag attached to it . It’s no secret after all that burger craves finer things in life partnership means trade off of personal freedom. He might allow himself to be eased into whatever first vividly compromising positions to keep his lover satisfied ensuring whatever pushing me she’s carving up himself as Ward if not Lord of the Manor. Think of it bottoming out so as not to hit rock bottom sliding down the bat pole valuable perks real Virgin on this exact sexual score. He soon learns to derive pleasure from being reversible one who switch more willingly from giving to receiving . Still even if his boyfriend possesses tier list libido at this is for the Virgo will rarely be on sex. Indeed far more interested in pristine public image and his lover he and his lover present he and his first way they also make it a point to keep their secret identities a secret . Not to suggest you necessarily makes a sexuality simply doesn’t not to say he doesn’t mask his sexuality he simply doesn’t flaunt it like say Gemini does the original Robin Virgo merely believes that sexual sexuality should never define a person His own don’t ask don’t tell policy usually firmly in effect. Interesting hobnobbing posh parties exhibiting knowledge of all things aesthetic never feeling that he needs to make a political statement. Relationships of this sort provide Virgo with the sense of parenting he lacked not having been born with that silver spoon necessarily finds a daddy willing to share his own. Still it’s not all Peaches and cream Virgo inevitably seeks to satisfied lust if not all swore the earthy Mediterranean types the consummate pool boy would love to finagle onto the payroll. Fleeting sexual interludes may we all his lifestyle allows fearful will be losing his main state big bucks bond period to be fair the intellectual connection he has made with his mentor mate the basis of any gabrovo relationship is strong and sustaining period since this love Bob there’s really friendship first Virgo doesn’t get too hung up on issues of sex infidelity. He could download with the pool boy guilt free naturally forgiving of his lovers for raise as well. So long as they remain strictly physical. Ask him no questions he’ll tell you no lies. Working toward synthesis of sexual satisfaction and cerebral simulation with one partner is his goal. Still it’s often one that will include him . While he’s happy in an open relationship unfortunately not everyone is capable of compartmentalizing. Sometimes Bruce finds a younger or more malleable **** to show the ropes and Virgo finds himself on the train for rena. But again such unexpected snappers are often blessings in disguise. In hindsight burger can look back on his former bonds as part of a sentimental education stepping stones to self sufficiency and the establishment of a lordly manner of his own making. Typically around middle age he’ll pass the baton of his amass knowledge sharing his life with someone who reminds him very much of himself a sorcerer’s apprentice of sorts who will regard him with as much love and affection as he does on and respect.

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 531-535. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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