Cancer 24° (July 14)

Zodiacs activist most principled person on the wheel she is one with her lofty convictions

world requires a redesign As it lacks the ideals she seeks to project

if she perceives a wrong she must write it the realm of Human justice is her special domain

Possesses powerful mind finely tuned faculty eclipsed only by her brand with the real beauty

most combley and fair rarely labeled sultry or overly sexy but looks can be deceiving

prized for her demure charms she risks being objectified as ornamentation Classy arm candy

by men for their own validation as a means of impressing others

Her own agenda in love is to fall in with a true friend and equal a liberal freethinker

Who shares her love of the arts and all things aesthetic as well as her more radical political views and egalitarian visions

unconventional in relationships amenable to casual sex with I like mind leery?/wary? of long term bonds

when she commits demands total Fidelity hell hath no fury

attracted to other females notoriously. Regardless of sexual orientation

Principally drawn Too extreme women exaggerate the beautiful supermodel glamazons or megaphone toting axe grinding radicals or a righteous combination of both

312 principle apollonian precepts in order recent beauty . Design replaces mere function of Virgo . Societal rules are imposed on freeform nature . Labor woman stands for equality within male apollonian vision of civilization standing firm in our ideals representing feminine authority in the world. Her mottos I balance and we are expressed need to stand up and be counted

Planet Venus rules LibraHere in the zodiac’s 7th sign Celestial sphere focused on the mental social air plane as opposed to material earth where Taurus female strives for substantially ideal existence with her love of beautiful things and appearances Libra woman is concerned with exquisite ideas high concepts philosophical ideals that she could project into an ethos . As Apollo God of light order prime archetype Libra male astral Venus Aphrodite herself heavenly patronus rightly assigned to Libra woman the goddess of beauty grace charm whose namesake planet the universal principles of union balance harmony Venus Aphrodite doesn’t manifest her power literally as she doesn’t tourist here in the sun scales beauty grace charm are elevated to status of abstract principles Libra woman sees the world as system apparently divine order unified environment ruled by cosmic law of cause and effect. Justice will indeed must be done. In Libyan mythology goddess liberae Greek aster arc Roman astrea lady of the scales who exacts the equalizing effects of karma in the universe. Anybody associated with Libra would agree when she walks into a room one thinks here comes the judge. One would be hard pressed to pinpoint more unequivocal individual one who is ironically narrow minded in even her most liberal ideologies dogmatic in the expression of her loftiest principles . In defense libra’s intentions are for the Democratic good as she perceives it. Strictly speaking no matter how tough a form or manner her proclamations take she acts out of love albiet not personal expression but rather a universal precept

symbolically her birthright to better the world Libra man’s preoccupation to better himself for her appreciating every situation she’s faced with and then taking proper course of action making swift and arguably appropriate judgments or actions in response is the way she leads her life for better or worse always drops the other shoe as a way of bringing her existence into balance . Melioration is from Otis operon day think of the film Amelie out of love and more she makes it her life’s mission to write every perceivable wrong that plagues those suffering in her midst. Determined to punish anyone causing pains. Libra in a nutshell walking talking to Spencer of karmic retaliation.

313 planet symbol glyph of Venus circle above spirit cross above matter represents divine mind called mirror of Aphrodite reflects libra’s Image of righteousness lending new meeting to fairest of the mall viewed also as a wand portrays her ability to cast her designs onto the world urging others to examine their own principles also… sign quadrant Zodiac quadrant of the mental perception particularly as it relates to existence Libra woman important lies on abstract level of conscious thought projection of principle thoughtforms onto society . Venus is subjective beautifying power mentally objectified into such lovely concepts as justice art and social order.

dispenser of karmic retaliation whether as reward grace or vengeance fury the graces are emanations of goddess Venus Aphrodite their dreadful alter egos being the furious both are considered variations of the fates . The graces and furious respectively correspond to karizma anmi asthma mother charm and mother curse double edged power scale toting fates goddess that the Libra woman has archetypally inherited she is the zodiacs lofty high priest us a personage mythically endowed as a sorceress as in the classic figures of cersei personification of the karmic circle syllable car Apple him being the 7th magic sound in ancient Egyptian and her niece Medea who in the graceful aspect of the furious Medusa media was a good witch who when done and justice went bad killing her children in a vivid act of miasma I LIKE THE IDEAS OF THE SOUNDS FOR BOTH THE SIDEBARS AND THE JEWELRY

Libra associated with 42 to 49 female prime of life focus from childbearing to child rearing bringing up teaching preparing offspring for adulthood. Epic distinguished by imparting knowledge instilling ideals designing future fates for those under one’s protection . The character in the her prime miss Jean Brodie Jean means gracious and merciful and Brody is derived for embroidery embroidery as the charismatic character is like all fate goddesses a Weaver of destiny. Throughout life Libra draws on prime archetype forever taking role of freethinking if not freewheeling instructor who enlightens empowers others indeed casting her charges onto central as she sees fit. Like Brody the eternal lady of the scales passes sweeping judgments sentancing others to a life lived stamped with her permanent albiet subjective labels and instructions. Like an observant mother weighing the strengths and weaknesses of growing children she assigns each a purpose particularly those who might be of service to her. Still she sees people in their best light often one is hard pressed to live up to her expectations she may sometimes miss the mark pre judging rashly over or underestimating one’s talents failing to sniff out self-serving agendas . Preoccupied with grand conceits putting her all seeing notions and ideals out there she can be oblivious to the encontros intricacies of life looming under her nose WE CAN MAKE A PUN WITH WEAVER AND LOOMING

314 Cardinal air knowledge is not only power but a force that can and must be pointedly directed. SIGn GLYPH Emblem suggests balance between day and night summer and winter autumnal equinox ushering in the sign of Libra the only sign within inanimate symbol scales representing quality in the sexes astrea the lady of the scales goddess of justice karmic law Libra woman inspires similar respect as symbols of good emblematic natural especially to men who view as a pendant view her as a pendant which means both counterpart and ornamental trinket data also ELEMENT/QUALITY cardonell air best illustrated as light in all its symbolic forms the visible world reality goodness order truth and illumination

3rd quadrant metaphysical level of the mind Libra represents flip side in reinterpretation of existence originally put forth by Ares lower octave we mean septae if so called opposite masculine Ares macho Mars feminine Taurus dainty Venus masculine Libra governed by Venus following sign Scorpio ruled by Mars and Pluto Long story short Libra is the zodiacs Sadie Hawkins whereby Venus perpet it to be the pasta feminine principle now becomes the active force of this masculine side. Just as active masculine energy can be characterized by raw physicality associated with spirit toting sign of Aries the active female energy and Libra unseen spiritual power of the mind personified let’s say psychic power the sorceress priestess wielding her wand intourist love grace beauty charm all physical sexual things for Libra was nouns or verbs to love in a sense of appreciating and ameliorating to grace in the sense of beautifying and honoring offering grace in the form of forgiveness mercy essential components of the override deal of justice that the lady of the scales vehemently represents and charm like grace can denote a magic all its own as both may be synonymous with this sort of Association YES WE ARE BEYOND THE ALCHEMY OF VIRGO WITH MANIFESTATION ON PHYSICAL TRANSMUTATION WE ARE NOW IN THE POWER OF THE MIND, PRAYER, SPELLS.

Florence Google shin famous treatise magic power of positive thinking your word is your wand mantra seems encoded in psyche of every female of the sign. Like an ancient similar sorceress Libra is enabled in keeping with the carnal air combination resigned to take action on the astral plane. Whereas self inventive men of the sign useless ability to make themselves over into a character of thought form of their own imagining the scales woman is rather blessed with the talent to cast her thoughts like spells out into the ether but pointed intentions seeing her designs materialize. Labour possesses outside conviction in her infamous ideals that she realises them into being the fact is forced which she is most take conscious rain for even her slightest whims have a wave taking root power even of suggestion ever will . As a purveyor of karmic activity she proves the old adage be careful what you wish for she’s the zodiac’s little magistrate rarely waste time or brainpower on interests or causes that may not yield desired effects. She designs life and never want to sit idly by passively go with the flow. And yet her precise plans are often kept under wraps. She seems to always luck into situations from the outside charmed life the hard and fast truth is she’s a careful conjurer taking great pains to weave her way into opportunities she had the pressions to approach. She knows and let this be a lesson that in order to get what you want in life you must behave as if you already have it.

315 polarity Libra woman seeks to cast light Cardinal air in her establishment of merit thoughtforms high ideals as the zodiacs illuminating counselor the causes of her intimates with whom she seeks to share or higher courtly love … also… sign #7 divine order light is made of Seven Hughes diatonic scales and music 7 notes a model for the week created in Seven days 7 virtues 7 sins Seven pillars of wisdom 7 sacraments 7 heavens Seven Sisters the Pleiadies daughters of Aphrodite goddesses of justice and fate Whatever wrote success she chooses rises to meet her energy of Venus working on the astral plane strives to form a perfect union between herself and desired circumstances no matter how lofty psyching herself into being equal to it takes tremendous mental effort but by sending the right messages she convinces first herself that others that she is indeed a prime individual one rot from the finest human fabric consequently she continuously improves the unfolding fabric of her life chooses to be choice thereby priming herself for the best life has to offer

Alist of famous Greer garson Helen Hayes when it Paltrow Emily post Julie Andrews and Lansbury under does or not reveals women born under the sign of the scales are often to some degree beyond reproach peerless spotless goodie goodies at least one cannot but help think of them that way . In actuality unequivocally abhor these labels although she’d have to admit having a heavy hand in creating this image. Whatever she takes high minded political stance puts unloved errors or otherwise plays the part of society is high priestess lieber proves life on her soapbox pedestal or pulpit of her own design. Perceives all other women as wallowing in one way or another in the mire of their womanhood she simply breezes in and takes what she assumed sphere rightful place in the world is man’s equal

she has no designs on dominating a mate never wanting more or less than 5050. She can’t help but come across this seeming above most men Committed to living an ideal existence are relative state of perfection she perceives as an absolute a dynamic symptom of her sign distinguished as it is by the projection of Venus is subjective energy objectively out into the world after all Libra is the son of art ideal state itself the forever bound to the realm of subjectivity opinion is arguably meant to achieve the absolute truth to Libra it is essential that her life imitate art and or vice-versa ad infinitum undoubtedly libris of both sexes are true artists but whereas the male of the sign is the most vivid masterpiece his own the female scales makes glorious compositions of her experience.

316 age Association 42 to 49 pinnacle time peak of sexual power as well as personal ideology when is spellbinding sway over others and mental power culminates focus on mothering and educating children … also psychology… Libra woman suffers superiority complex self righteousness she can be contrary argumentative. Fear of intimacy keeps her from committing and she sees her bolting from relationship seemingly without remorse. She’s apt to be selfish erratic and tends toward promiscuity as a way to prove herself passionate. Due to a highly competitive nature’s difficult to eat befriending other women.

The rest of us are merely part and parcel of crafting our perfect world it’s her world and she’ll let you know if you’re welcome to it in a word she superior. To her that’s not a bad thing so long as she remains optimistic finding mate of equally premium quality. For her men generally fall into two or hopefully three categories those who are attracted to her exalted nature I’ll be it all too often for their own selfish gain Those who might get a thrill from toppling her from her pedestal convinced that playing on the ground is what she really needs and those that odd fellow who being similarly self esteemed makes her a perfect match

Rewinding to her childhood we see seeds of self righteousness taking root. A girl born Scales as either idyllic childhood characterized by presence of lovingly detached parents both of whom don’t on her every whim or far more typically she is the product of divorce. In the first scenario she bears witness to a model marriage one that allows parents separate but equal power as well as influence over their child’s upbringing . Labor girl is almost always the offspring of two strong willed individuals. Her parents are generally extroverted liberal care career minded types who treat the leaver child as their equal. In such a case labor is indulged considered the perfect child not having to put on a show like the Libra male to win such an honorable label. And continually given the impression that she can do no wrong instilled with so much confidence the lucky little Libra born under Venus called the lesser benefit tific thus expects her charmed life to continue indefinitely . In the second scenario in which leaders parents are contentious the domestic dynamic is marked markedly different. However resulting determination for perfection still surfaces one might say with inventions. Here the paradigm of coupling is based upon cutting ones losses marriage and divorce are both attributes of the 7th house unlike Libra male whose infamously incompatible parents typically stay together despite their differences creating in him the tendency to rationalize if not compartmentalize experience the second scenario scales girl is ironically sent the same message as the formerly mentioned perfectly Princess that she needn’t make do or settle for the status quo situations and people even loved ones are dispensable she cleans if they don’t serve her ideal purposes it is no great surprise then that from the get-go one feels scrutinized by the liberal woman as she is scanning your psyche with a brilliant Searchlight weighing your strengths and weaknesses judging whether or not you’re worth knowing or nurturing as a friend.

317 archetype in myth high priestess seer sorcerous counselor goddess psychological emanations of patroness Aphrodite Venus fates muses graces gorgons furious symbols of feminine power the furious karmic redeemers for crimes against women those breaking the are US naturally or maternal law tormented orestes for slaying his mother clytemnestra The Apollo acquitted him based on the imposition of patriarchal rule. Sorceress Medea Medusa who kills her sons in a vengeful reversal of apollo’s Creed like her aunt Searcy circular wheel of karmic fate are manifestations of astarte the morning star the astral Venus also called Aestrea lady of the scales sovereign goddess of law

body and soul can take a while before lever let’s a person in always reserving the right to opt out signature conscious attempt to appear removed something luminously attractive about her . As her scales suggest the symbol reading setting son Her first rising Venus star Libra has a stellar quality draws more men to her faster than other females on the astrological block. But her astral projections perceived her rarely is she approached in a brusca brutish manner has even a total stranger will be inspired to clear his throat slit his hair and be on best behavior uttering or stuttering his first introductory word. A man can’t tell whether he’s coming and going with her her countenance is as warm and welcoming as it is standoffish. She seems to hover on some distant horizon not the blazing noon Aug son of the Leo woman with her blatant intentions but rather than still soft light of dusk October balanced chili heat period to be sure as a miss mixed message she sending being enigmatic she finds buys time to decide whether to assign a person some placement in her life or reject them altogether. The decision is always hers. This explains why one feels the unconscious need to impress her with a sense of worthiness. Remarkable how the most esteemed individuals find themselves bowing and scraping in her presence the impartial judge it’s the reserve of her judgment that sends the rest of us jumping through hoops

planet Venus only appears to be a star reflecting the sun’s radiance labor doesn’t necessarily manufacture of the beneficence she seems to be beaming even when in the foulest humor she cannot help but exude a sense of goodness and light this is a blessing and also a curse leebron actresses often have to fight against typecast in upright if not uptight rolls the typical Libra sent forth an exemplary aura one that attracts others to her men especially feel like naughty children to Mary Poppins. Constantly fielding men’s advances rarely have strictly a sexual nature rather registers as the ideal girl to whom one must pop the question though not necessarily the exclusion of popping anything else she isn’t entirely Immaculate seeming. Unlike Virgo Libra isn’t so weighty and loaded a female character as to represent a more text of moral responsibility to mend Milan Bible and literature Libra draws architect of great horror of Babylon Demonization of the goddess as start ishtar meaning light of the world she was lawgiver judge euripides Medea immortalized the sorceress’s righteous feminist who seeks revenge for being wrong Muriel Sparks Jean Brodie portrays masked goddess of fate broderie embroidery Weaver of destinies Dickens estella Stella figure of pips Great Expectations Tennessee Williams heavenly in sweet birth bird of youth in the op is the object of chances affection Hoping she’ll be his lady luck star or charm

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 546-550. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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