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So we were saying not like Virgo  loaded with responsibility moral responsibility instead Libra gives off an opposite vibration many men presumes life with her would be an absolute breeze he’s found in ethereal female unfettered by the burdens of this world with whom he imagines his own spirits and lofty aspirations will soar such is the auspicious error that she portrays elegant and composed fits the bill of even the most sexist view of femininity despite being a feminist of the 1st order. She has two boys in class in fact to come right out and tell him one of the myriad men who fall in love with her Bailey to get lossed show his rises above dismissing the most cringing or difficult situations with a kind word smile or apology her own

She lights up a room little wonder man Expects her to light up his life she becomes conscious of turning on and not always being able to turn off her shining allure feature for feature strangely she isn’t the most classically beautiful female on the block typically often looking rather elfin If not blatantly boyish more jolie laide then first impression . But this comes as no insult to her she’s actually grateful for any slight absurdity in her appearance hoping it might eclipse the perfection others project onto her. The ability to undermine her beauty becomes important to her developing a knack for passing people unnoticed. Going out with bed head draped only in a drab Gray sweater distressed jeans is enough she has to consciously decide not to appear attractive performing a bit of a spell by keeping her beaming energy under wraps. But same token to matter how offbeat looking she is all she needs to do is decide to appear beautiful and everyone within view will find it difficult to keep her eyes off her she possesses glamour in the most abstract sense of the word not merely physical charm but automatic mental capacity for switching on and off charismatic indeed enchanting an error that it often Overrides the actual appearance. Glamour the real thing like grammar word one connection Aware of the power she holds over us a sure way to spot a Libra is by her smirky look of suppressed laughter as if all existence were one great cosmic joke that she alone has been let in our Kate Winslet Suzanne summer Gwen Stefani Jenna elfman Gwen All seem similarly tickled when appearing in public this is true about Dita Von Teese as well notice little twists and imperfections in her face zeroing in on the lever one begins to notice crowded mouth like her pointy ears blotchy skin Totally like neck throat features without which she might just look too ethereal or otherworldly

319 lest we forget

she is born into masculine side ringing true or square broad shoulders rufay nyhan slim hips even The presence of an Adams Apple or faint treasure trail leading from navel or strained croaky voice that cracks like an adolescent boys. These traits only make her seem companionable lending a masculine edge to her delicate femininity palsey Accessibility prevents high priestess persona from being off putting still she’s not lucky charm ever so dazzling while dangling from man’s arm. Her physical appearance belies from need to be respected for intellectual capabilities . Often blonde though dirty version when dark skinned ethnic extraction in comparison to other females she will appear the fairest of them all if only such a label applied to her judicious mind she will work hard to conceal that signature grin. Skin appears poor lists or sometimes dry and flaky cheeks flushing Apple red registering emotion. Eyes are pale grey blue instead of bright Hazel green or gold flecked Brown faces to read but for that internal grimace her eyes to seem to be laughing. She boats boasts strong cheekbones rounded rather in media dollface rarely look stalled or gaunt . Her mouth perfectly drawn both shape ample enough to escape thin lipped look often slightly taller than average rarely towering few Libra supermodels despite goodly height tends to be tad waifish slip of a woman generally fits into perfect size is sick dress six dress 34B bra Seven and a half shoe breezes in and out of shops able to wear pretty much anything notorious thrift shoppers drawn to vintage styles classic workforce attitude 7th house that of grandparents she especially emulates her grandmother’s own and all the more so if they are that esteemed elder was a career woman. Tweeds tailored suits other such throwbacks to find her style. Long legged lanky no problem donning a bikini hipbones protruding frontward waistband bottom stretching over them passersby or invited to sneak peeks if she’s sunning at the beach something she should never do without maximum SPF tell me typically muscular lumbar area ruled by the sign strong supported in contrast to that over week hinged male counterpart indeed poster child for Pilates every move seems to derive from this core point excellent model student of dance diving skiing athletics reberger physical control outsized sense of balance endeavoring in any sport is like poetry in motion undertakes a grueling challenge can’t help but make it look easy as she does every task in life with exceptional grace

Sex and sexuality

Where other women want to be prized the scales feels the need to fight against such adulation. Unlike Aries who issues feminine trappings Libra enjoys her Venus ruled accoutrement but sees no reason why this should stereotyper some second sex. She embraces gender based differences doesn’t feel that precludes her from being considered equal. It burns her because she is hard pressed to find recognition for her mind and all important principles. The only inanimate sign For her for whom certitude about self is rarely a problem in contrast to her male counterpart the inanimate doesn’t point to any sense of unreality in her notion of self rather an unerring desire to emblazon the world with her high concept principles. Where he is an idea she stands for ideals she is emblematic a living symbol for what is good and right the poster child for absolute moral guidelines laws that must be established to ensure social order and equality she is the most Noble minded of all females in the Zodiac. Can even contrast her to Cancer which is natural law. A calmly appearance belies seriousness of her activism she can be viewed superficially like relieve her brother for her it’s always in a more flattering light

moving to 3:20 Body rulership lower back lumbar kidneys organs way and eliminate what is unwanted appendix common ailments kidney complaints lumbago venous rules feminine attributes in the body estrogen Centripetal flow of blood to the heart


negative consequences of her ethereal countenance misunderstood as pretty but perfunctory that she lacks passion if not courage for convictions especially in situation ruled by good old boys she struggles against being considered window dressing Catherine denoe of Bridget bardo both of whom lent their likenesses to be cast as a bust of Mary Ann The female embodiment of the French Republic in its ideal liberte, fraternite, egality

Libra woman Becomes the face of beautiful principles eclipsing whatever access she might have to grind paltro the American de nerve symbolic persona his presence public consciousness has meant return of intelligent entertainment she classes up the industry but that is role that has been assigned to her rather than one she’s taken on Global notoriety all Libre fight this sort of glorious objectification In their personal lives . On meeting her most project an exalted symbolic meaning onto her unlike other women who combat sexual objectification she struggles against being cast in stone as some sort of domestic Mary Ann plopped onto a pedestal she seems the perfect trophy to very few will she ever appeared to be anything else. Physicality beat razor looking too much the little woman More infuriatingly The Good Wife invites advances by endless stream of men see her as prime candidate for 7th house marriage conceived fairy tale existence . Libra learns to stop such a man in his tracks. Like Jean Brodie thwarting what she deems the petrification via the status quo she rears her madhusudhan head turning immense symbolic designs on her to stone.

Sometimes becomes preoccupied with having upper hand with men Going overboard against being trifled with as a trinket uppercase love is not just another 4 letter word to be bandied about. There should be rules of conduct that she the zodiacs judge expects to be followed only around a Libra diva like Eleanor of aquitaine could there have sprung up on the diva Trish and tradition of courtly love of movement that embrace nobility and certain order in the manner by which Paragon of passions should be made manifest ironically somewhat dispassionately they were ordered Eleanor historians note was highly conscious of the ideals she sought to foster . All Libra women share her romantic vision to some degree courtly love the notion that the fairer sex held the power to bequeath or withhold love or sexual favor a chivalric code glean from legends like Arthur and his Knights which were popular in this. Men wooing their ladies fair

322 Wooing ladies fair . Apollonian view of love to be sure human passions elevated above lessons of the body and civilized and to set modes of behavior the movements such a flourish in Libre ruled art poetry music troubadours troopers painting expert embroidery tapestry work . Quarton 12 century craze chivalry fiction Human behavior revenants but survived inspired and modern western culture putting power in the hands of the women Attracting noblemen from far and wide drawn 2’s dynamic having to deserve women as opposed to purchasing them like property tracking the notion out of the dark ages bringing enlightenment Eleanor did to win a Noble lady importantly tradition was a reflection of a man’s own worth and principled countenance

the young Libra attracts more than her fair official social climbers would be movers shakers bent on Raising their own stock caesaris lady luck we will learns to be cautious dating reviewing the men she meets like a lawyer deciding whether or not to take on the case or is it something against your better judgment she falls 4 traditionally minded man Willing to play part of perfect Hostess feeling the relationship will allow her freedom to pursue her passions not all of them high minded. Libra aggressive please sexual being don’t let her fool remove fool you she hungers for sex as much if not more than she does for truth beauty goodness unsurprising that a man’s pursuit of her hand in marriage fight would be predicated on physical attraction but rather on need for moral edification Dynamic baby in some way her fault in her zeal for elevated experiences she overlooks the significance of her sexuality suppressing her animal nature in favor of loftier concerns she’s a very cerebral character

Philadelphia story Tracy Samantha Lord Samantha Samuel preeminent ruling judge means listener surname signifies sense of divinity dollar straight in the right column dresses harshly judgmental unforgiving of human frailty Attracts fiance who is drawn to what she represents she is experiences of fall in the state of grace comical run into alcohol and lost for giving her imperfection The shortcomings of others for once drinky X she cast out for being flawed stumbling block to romance bliss not so much but as heaped on her but her owner really missed to buy Internet vanity based not upon physical beauty but moral perfection Vainglorious


we will find yourself locked into a committed relationship before Realizes fashion is just pressure cooking. Another strictly sexual nature she might be like dinner with Delta juror daytime equivalent of the late tonight play beautiful pristine wife letting loose sensor on a sexual spray prostitution are proportional . More trilla tating to her then carnal starvation is the deprivation of intellectual power both aspects go hand in hand OK if lieber has tightened up with some status equals suit under the guise of being the perfect bride she eventually breaks the news that she’s gotten way more than he bargained for Samantha Stevens said he wished the American sitcom version After nerves dirty secret pal for more moral lover no she possesses extraordinary powers cancel the zodiacs beautiful sorceress nothing can substitute for freedom to exercise her mind the seat of her brand of creativity which is linked more southerly linked with a more southerly source of sexual desire mental stimulation is an aphrodisiac to her. Relationships that requires suppression of intellect also anaesthetize for erotic urges in a world of creative ideas the Cardinal error Libra with their pointed intellect rules even Darren Stevens catches on some methods are brilliant than she is coming up with commercial slogans when she’s allowed to do so. Look for magic an astral intellectual plane much happy camper on the home front if not specifically between the sheets likewise telegenic Libra who incidentally tends to speak in clever sound bites is seen by many to be the proverbial woman behind the man empowering him to go forth and conquer in the professional world if not secretly doing his homework for him before hand as a primal archetype living in everything in every Libra woman media sorcerers Prince tus was sought out by Jason to help him achieve his heroic aims this is exactly where represents to men Even if she thus far manages to sidestep all the slick opportunists seeking Paragon a virtue to parade Through life

324 ask for logically designed to take up a loved one’s case champion causes like media the original creative director or talent agent qualified to cast her partner like a seed into the ether of public awareness zodiacs broadcaster speed the plow of her man’s pursuit intellectual and artistic interest hand in hand with romantic interest she’s usually involved in media. Drawn to indie Jason Already demonstrated autonomy striking out on his own Appeals to her love of Liberty she’s not one to seek security read status quo. Even with a suit she harbors hope he will operate from a place of creative integrity the artist in darrin Stephens. Doesn’t seek to work with him she seeks enter independence efforts might contribute to his goals. His self sufficiency is what attracts her. As a child she learned togetherness only works when there is a perfect balance of autonomy and coded cooperation If she finds herself being used to lookout media myth she is still loyal she will seek vengeance in multi fold payback

even when all rosy in relationships she only surrenders to commitment by degrees her signature detachment designed to Ward off hurt she witnessed as a child this is what causes her to be objectified ironically but helps her function objectively in love work relationships allows her to remain friends with her ex is in a way others can’t

325 her continual crushes doesn’t fall in love easily . She is a Locust the male model eyes are prettier the boy the better drawn to younger smooth androgynous guys not into rugged he-man She makes the first move sex is casual to her. Her aggression is a flattering anomaly appears the demure Princess until chewing buttons off his jeans

in bed no set gender roles or Pat responsibilities. Equality comes into play She and some Apollo stripped naked 1 Andrew Jenner to another we say that Scorpio man is the man lesbian well she’s the female gay man Allows yourself to approach sex from surface E standpoint two buddies just needing to have it off naturally aggressive as he is responsibility for our own pleasure takes the pressure off guy still she won’t objectify to the point of using them as dill doe way Ares might pervasive sense of mutual masturbation

She’s an efficiency expert in the bedroom getting the job done orgasm is rain achieving one quickly opting to go on with their day not generally a marathoner she doesn’t want to be bored for hours she prefers prolonged bouts of foreplay intercourse brought in at the right time general disdain for macho men 69 is your favorite enjoys blowing a guy almost as much as being munched he and Yang type a Libra conscious of what she’s doing a mental picture of herself as part of the erotic put it on for the cameras

326 confident in her performance knows she has talents oral sex is for special province having a man by the balls literally fantasy to render a pretty boy helpless toying with his work as I’m bringing into the break teasing foreplay screwing his intuitive economic and her movements imaginatively mixing speeds pressures positions keeps her eyes open lights are on fueling excitement eliciting sounds from a lover all this comes naturally rarely anything planned or tricky in her repertoire doesn’t like dirty chatter ignore feigned moans and groans . She is a silent sexual persona. Afterwards not above critiquing or praising their performance. Likes to linger in the aftermath . Men are not foreign to her she has no revulsion. Then again The guys she chooses her prettier often than she is . She may commandeer he is grooming picking plucking polishing she wants to turn heads as a couple

Fairly vanilla rarely kinky potent bisexual streak menage a TOI has no interest prefer having another guy in the mix like Gemini and pisces she can be a fagg hag gay men hold a fascination for her she feels like them gender bending UN girly that gay men trapped enough debutantes body. With other women adopts an ultra feminine character typically attracted to extreme towering inferno’s does a total Salam to this kind of woman in bed generally lofty view of lesbianism two women seems far more sacred and attachment then with the mirror mortal man Women are never to be objectified men yes women know

327 stakes or higher in same-sex relationships anything possible labels don’t really apply false for generally iconic looking acting person Her choice of female might very well shock friends and families she could be a rather extraterrestrial looking. Glamour an militantism appear to combine in the gay Libra who seems to have invented lipstick lesbian Coupled with the masculine energy of her sign in your face sexual agenda planting of political flags so long as they look pretty her own sexuality based on the exploration of female beauty. Looks are indeed primary concern parents is an almost bizarre keynote her partner of choice is often very much an outrageous version of herself fashions pierced tattoos all that sort of thing at once look alikes but she will always remain the more demure . Highly social Libra likes to make the scene mingling with a chic crowd glamour to its highest setting listening stares and whispers worship full onlookers parading about his sexual thrill she thrives on suggestion seduction titillation

328 homoerotic sapphic love urbane view of case tax sophisticat the act itself is almost incidental if she and her girlfriends just happen to fall into bed by chance that’s fine. She gets a lot of chances appealing as the consummate femme greater part of the gay world. Justice around sexuality is not concretely set in stone she is attracted to women who are similarly iffy more by then gay per say. She won’t be pigeonholed finding a strictly gay girl existence to be an arrow existence she and lover will rarely suffer from heterophobia . They are not above entertaining sharing a man. Neither submissive nor short haired sister swinging some strap on She takes pleasure from making love to a strong feminine woman as a strong feminine woman. Her repertoire includes kissing licking nibbling fingering blowing otherwise creating a pastiche of tactile sensations designed to arouse lover everywhere at once. Nightstand contains a few goodies vibrators 2 headed ****** riding double twords perfectly timed orgasm despite hero worship of a lover it’s an equal partnership in the end . Libra rarely ventures out into the gay social scene solo. Stimulation Is what her bonds are all about not focus directed nurturing and nesting as are other lesbian couplings. Life should be a shared spree steeped in cultural events swap meets book discussions intellectual pursuits. Her mate must be friends first lover 2nd even when romance fizzles they will remain lifelong gal pals.

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 551-555. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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