Scorpio 2° (October 24)

Another dinner tonight at Alisons, this time boiled lobster with her brother and sister in law, both of whom live in Hoboken. Going to get them involved in Afterglow hopefully. Anyway it is a fairly fun night. It’s always difficult meeting new people, especially when you’re in the throes of deep depression. It’s going to be a long time before I have a beauty regime for instance that much is definitely sure. Oh I dunno what to tell you. I am going through the books in the basement and coming across such things that date back to our first year together. It is the most excruciating experience. I’m at a breaking point and say so and ask for a few sentences back which of course I never get. Writing this now I forget how hard this particular time actually was; so I’m hoping it will help me weather the current storm I’m sailing through. In the present all I can think about is refried beans, cheese and guacamole. And it is here I watch a remastered The Philadelphia Story. Daniel Ogden Stuart script. David Ogden Stuart was an asshole character on M.A.S.H. Mary Nash plays the mother in this film while Cora Nash plays the sort of spinster writer in The Women, both directed by George Cukor. And of course what her name, Little Mary, is in both Why (oh I wonder?) didn’t I write this Blague in real time? Um. Because I was going to hell. Because I was in shock. What I will learn later is that I struck a chord. That she is angry with herself for being with me. Just drinking some Devil’s Purse. They are smoking weed. I’m going to wait on the weed portion until closer to bed. I brought some nice hummus and chips Kolsch. I can’t believe I’m the person who is now the third or fifth wheel. I can’t feel in the least good about it. The pain is truly absurd. I need to make a nice cous cous sometime soon. There is so little time left, I have these permanent butterflies. It’s so hard to deal with. I am already fantasizing about finding some place in Paris for six months. But I don’t know now would I will know at some point soon, which is the process will be a constant Escher painting of moving staircases. I will sleep in the daughter’s room which is a bizarre place to be. I try not to take up any space. This will be the way things go. It is so odd to be this strung out person with nobody to love me.

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