Libra 19° (October 11)

Day Fifty-Nine E.D.A.N.O.W.W. Last night was pretty extraordinary and I didn’t get much sleep. Just up all night writing and otherwise getting my brain around this move which is crazy stuff. As suspected there will be issues to sort out and once again my living situation is being called into question which is truly disheartening. I will do my best to transcend the stress this time and just keep pushing through. I have to make this happen I can’t handle any more setbacks to be honest. I am going to keep putting positive energy out there. It really is the only thing I can do. So yes okay onwards and upwards but not in regard to my personal pain. In regard to what needs to do for me to survive this weird time, which I absolutely must do. Meanwhile I started a poem of sorts:

Friends, Friends, Friends, Friends

Like the Northern Exposure song

And the funny dance you do

Letting your hands flop in front

As you do a double step side-to-side

The burst of laugher that made

Us pretend to move away at

The Brady Bunch movie in Rhinebeck

Drunk on margaritas sniffing necks

A ginzu knife being put out in the hall

Our game of walking into a door frame

Unexpectedly, or changed faces

While the other one blinked

I never knew how perfect it all was

Who would ever suspect these precious moments

I don’t know how to live without this

Magic every moment we talked or traveled

Or met with clients or watched comedies

That burst of laugher again making me laugh

All the more in love every single day

Not realizing it was slipping away

Little by little Love lost interest

She forgot what was truly important

The Grass is Greener

Which is always the case but never true

We make our move, away we go

Forgetting the important thing

Is to be there at the end, together

The meantime being nothing compared to forever

I want to hear the man speak in tongues again

And see the floating foam star on starting day

The man hosing a wall in winter

All of this just to one day splinter

There is little reason to live a life

Without the magic of lesser man and wife

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